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Jumpstart your weekend with AWESOME TV’s ‘BOLLYWRAP – Awesome Weekender’

New York – How many times have you felt the need to have a weekend of your choice! Even before you can tell your answer, let us tell you that we have an answer to all your weekend prayers (you read it right, we already have an answer!)

The answer is in the form of your favorite Awesome TV’s brand new ‘content-ainment’ filled show titled ‘Bollywrap – Awesome Weekender’. As the name suggests, the show has been packaged in such a way that you will feel the need and the want of the weekend every moment, every second! ‘Bollywrap – Awesome Weekender’ will be catering to anyone and everyone in the entertainment industry and will be telecasted every Friday at 8pm New York Time (EST).

“We are the pioneers in this space of South Asian digital streaming network. I love it, how we (Awesome TV) have changed the South Asian media landscape over the years. We have increased quality of programming, along with delivery for all viewers in the South Asian broadcasting market. Because of Awesome TV, status quo is gone and has forced various others to raise the bar in types and quality of programming that the viewers deserve’,” said Ritesh Parikh, the founder of Awesome TV.

By now its needless to state, but still, we would like remind you that, ‘Bollywrap – Awesome Weekender’ is a show that will be showcased on your eternal favorite ‘Awesome TV’. With this, ‘Awesome TV’ adds yet another feather in its already overflowing cap of ‘content-ainment’ shows. Just to remind you that, your favorite ‘Awesome TV’ has been extremely successful in bringing Indian Entertainment to Mainstream USA, UK, Canada, & Others and Mainstream USA to India and others… all of these just could not have been possible, without your support!

Nutan Kalamdani, the co-founder says “There are three kinds of people in this world – people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened.”

In other words, ‘Awesome TV’ has been majorly instrumental in changing the entertainment game in North America, by being the first ever global streaming network that caters to all folks from all walks of life and spreading entertainment across cross all cultures.

About Awesome TV:

Awesome TV your source for bollywood, hollywood, and original entertainment. Checkout the hottest global & local TV network at http://www.awesometv.tv on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Social Media: @awesomeitv

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