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Get Your Quest LLC Offering Flat Discounts On The Strongest Magnets Available

These fishing magnets with ultra-strong pulling force are the best products to recover objects from rivers and lakes. Their new product line is currently available at a discount on the official store for a limited time.

[Walnut Creek, CA] dated 26th Oct, 2018: Magnet fishing may still be a mystery term for many, but the hobby has been growing rapidly in the UK and the US over recent years. The all-new fishing magnet by popular startup “Get Your Quest LLC” are said to be the strongest magnets available on the Amazon marketplace for activities like magnetic fishing, heavy hanging, and heavy supplies handling. The product is currently available in three variants: 1000 lb, 888 lb, and 333 lb.

When contacted, a key spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying, “We are proud to introduce our new line of fishing magnets that will make treasure hunting more fun for the new and old magnet fishers alike. Our product was launched at the beginning of this month, and since then, it has seen an explosion in its popularity. Hundreds of new “Questers” have already joined the fun!”

Experts believe that as per their listing, their magnets are some of strongest fishing magnets that are currently available on the popular e-commerce site. These super strong magnets have an extraordinary strength which makes it an ideal companion for magnet fishers and contractors alike. The products are made up of some of the highest quality material and guarantee the highest performance.

The outer coating of the magnets is said to carry an excellent combination of rust-resistant materials that can last a lifetime. Each of their products also comes with the countersunk hole and an eyebolt so that so-called “questers” can get right to work by just “throwing in their paracord.” These indestructible fishing magnets made of stainless steel are 2.35 inches in diameter which helps in pulling massive relics from the water. The company is currently offering a discount on all their fishing magnets for a limited time and you can find out more information about them on their official Amazon store.

About Get Your Quest LLC
Get Your Quest LLC is one of the newest fishing magnet makers on the market that offers a wide range of magnet fishing magnets. The company has additional plans to launch more adventurous ways to enjoy the outdoors including new product lines, stronger magnets and magnetic fishing bundles.

Contact person: Steve Benz
Contact Number: (925) 587-3513
Email: support@getyourquest.com
Website: https://www.getyourquest.com/home

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