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Top 5 Customer Experience Management & NPS® Software Providers For 2019

In today’s world, Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground. A satisfied customer is one of the biggest assets to any company. They ensure business growth by bringing in new customers. From fulfilling their needs and wants to resolving all problems after sales, the Customer Experience Journey is a long road which should be closely and efficiently monitored. After all the data has been collected, it should be analyzed for Decision Making, Change Management and Customer Management.

The most important thing is accuracy, efficiency, technical ease and actionable analytics in Customer Experience Monitoring. There are various software solutions that enable you to monitor all of this. Choosing the best suited platform, according to your business needs, is extremely important.

Here’s a brief description of some of the best platforms developed for CXM along with our pick:

Antlere takes Customer Experience Management to the next level through its state-of-the-art Customer Experience Management Software. Its NPS Software not only measures the traditional metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) but also provides you with detailed infographic-based and easy-to-understand analytics that are powered by Artificial Intelligence. The Antlere’s Customer Experience Software engages the customers effectively using catchy, short and well-designed questionnaires. It has an affordable multi-platform compatibility to provide you and your customers a wide choice of usage. The platform is user friendly and business savvy and it helps you engage your employees, assists you in market research, monitors your brand’s health, plots customer journey maps and increases the overall efficiency of communication. Antlere is the “go-to” software solution in the Customer Management industry.

Qualtrics is all about managing the four core areas of business namely ‘Customer’, ‘Employee’, ‘Brand’, and ‘Product’. It provides a holistic management tool to the users by relating every step of their experience journey. Powerful analytics and interlinking of data from across the organization helps you identify area’s that would impact your business the most. Qualtrics provides real-time results, identifies the important business drivers, utilizes simple and easy-to-use tools, and has anintegrated database along with ahighly secure multi-platform data access and storage.

Medallia is a great CXM tool which can connect a company with a wide range of customers through multiple communication channels like emails, surveys, SMS, and even free-form text inputs. The software maps the customer journey and provides optimized analytics and systemized metrics. It is a widely used feedback and self-assessment platform that enables even small businesses to start their Customer Experience Management right away with minimal technical training. Hence, it facilitates in bringing the customers, employees and the organization together.

Promoter is a great tool that uses Net Promoter Score (NPS®) to calculate your customer loyalty index and hence to reduce your churn rates. The strength of Promoter.io is in dividing the NPS® metric differently for ‘Customer Success’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Product’, and ‘Leadership’. It provides for seamless integration between surveys, responses, existing organizational management tools, and CX infographics. It provides a wide range of questionnaire templates and feedback collection methods. Overall Promoter.io is a great CXM tool.

Customer Gauge is primarily a Customer Success SaaS space that uses NPS to quantify and prepare reports on customer response in real time. It has a wide network that extends across 140 countries with 32 languages, sending them more than a million emails per month on behalf of its customers. Customer Gauge provides an end to end and fully functional customer experience platform for their clients bridging the gap between them and their end customers.

Having presented a brief overview of these top CEM Software platforms, we recommend “Antlere” since it not only covers all the features of all the other software solutions but is also highly affordable, easy to understand and has flexible integration with existing IT setup. Most importantly, is has a great technical and sales team with dedicated account managers.

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