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Model Agency HK Invites New Faces To Be A Model

Kowloon, Hong Kong, December 13, 2018 – Becoming a model in Hong Kong is no more a daunting task, as Model Factory always promotes new faces for modeling assignments. They are looking for male, female as well as child models who can be part of the advertising campaign with reputed brands. In order to become a model, one just needs to fill up their online application form, and deserving candidates will be called upon to showcase their talent and get selected for the modeling assignments.

The Model Agency works with a number of reputed clients in Hong Kong, China, and across North East Asia, and all models associated with them will have an opportunity of earning name, fame and fortune. According to the spokesperson of the agency, they already have a number of male and female models working with them, but they always promote new talents. For all aspiring models, Model Factory could be one place to make their dream come true.

The spokesperson reveals that one can become a model with them without spending a single penny. There is no need of spending on expensive photo shoots and preparing a portfolio. “If someone is talented, we endeavor to chisel their skills and enhance their looks, so that they can fit into a modeling assignment”, she states.

In the recent times, the advertising world is undergoing a transformation where new talents can be absorbed to promote a product or a brand. Besides celebrities, new models also have good prospects in the advertising industry. The Model Agency HK has given chance to several aspiring models and who are today well-known name in the industry. The agency maintains a systematic and transparent screening and selection process, to make sure that the most deserving candidates are engaged and promoted in the industry.

In order to become a model, one can fill up the online form available on their website https://www.modelfactory.com.hk/index.php.

About Model Factory

Model Factory is a distinct model management agency based in Hong Kong, which has been offering professional model, casting as well as MC booking since 2001. The agency has its footprint across Greater China and North-East Asia. As the market leader, Model Factory has been spending abundant resources on talent acquisition and nurturing in-house Model and Key Opinion Leader (KOL). Model Factory model agency proactively shares professionalism on modeling with clients, facilitating clients to select the best-suit models for all ranges of campaigns, exhibitions, product promotions, fittings, editorials, television commercials and advertisements.

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Company Name: Model Factory
Telephone: +852 21530836
E-mail: info@modelfactory.com.hk

Website: https://www.modelfactory.com.hk

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