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WipeMeWorld Limited Announces A New Licensing Business Model For Interested Companies

WipeMeWorld Limited has recently announced the launch of their new licensing model. The main aim of this model is to allow willing partners to bring the company’s patented biodegradable moist toilet paper in their market.

[USA] dated February 26th, 2019 - WipeMeWorld is a top brand that specializes in the making of biodegradable moist toilet paper roll. The company has also released a new licensing model as well which is quite a breakthrough.

With this licensing model, those companies who are interested in selling patented products by other firms can engage in it. WipeMeWorld Limited is offering interested partners in bringing their patented toilet paper into their market. The partners will have the option of controlling their budget and resources. At the same time, they can have better margins and even keep their own distributors and connections as well. This is surely a win-win situation for both.

Merav Frenkel, the VP marketing heads for the company was quoted as saying, “we are very excited to offer this to the public market. We already have a few licensing projects in hand and are looking forward to extending our go to market with additional partners/brands.”

The licensing model has been so designed that after offering a questionnaire and having an initial call, the partner company and WipeMeWorld team engage in a business development call which is then followed by a face to face meeting. The details of the agreement are thoroughly discussed in it and then there is a validation which is done. After this, there is a final review done following which the license is awarded to the partner.

There is no doubt that WipeMeWorld has brought a massive innovation forward and with their completely recycled and bio-degradable toilet paper which can be flushed easy, the company is looking to target massive areas and regions. The product can be used by anyone as it doesn’t change anything at the end of the consumers. It is just great direction on the lines of environmental conservation.

Those who would like to benefit from this patented product and would like to market it in their domain should make it a point to visit http://www.wipemeworld.com/license.html

About WipeMeWorld
WipeMeWorld limited is the leading innovators when it comes to patented biodegradable moist toilet paper rolls. They make smart use of technology and develop completely recycled and easily flushable toilet papers that are environment-friendly as well.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Merav Frenkel
Email-id: merav@wipemeworld.com
Website: http://www.wipemeworld.com/license.html

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