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KD Aromacare Poised to Launch Pre-order of Prestige Skincare Line on Kickstarter

AUSTIN, TX (March 8, 2019) - Women looking to improve their skincare regimen will soon have an opportunity to pre-order some of the finest skincare products when KD Aromacare launches its Kickstarter campaign on March 11.

The Austin based company is attempting to raise (insert amount) to fund new formulated projects to be developed for distribution. KD Aromacare’s Skincare range is Native American made and features several products including anti-aging oil, anti-aging serum, anti-aging scrub, anti-aging toner, acne prone skin scrub, acne prone skin toner, face/body butter and bath teas. The collection is formulated from nourishing, natural and moisturizing ingredients such as dead sea salt, mango butter, aloe vera gel, rose and therapeutic grade essential oils.

All of KD Aromacare products are developed and created by its founder Chantell Champlain. Champlain is trained in Clinical Aromatherapy but credits her knack for aromatherapy and natural body care to her Native American culture. She said: “I have been obsessed with skin care since the age of 12. I started making homemade masks in middle school and skincare products almost 10 years ago while in school studying clinical aromatherapy. Initially, my motivation was to create high quality products for myself. But after realizing the amazing results of the products I created, I decided that I wanted to share them with others so they may benefit from using my products as well.”

Unlike mainstream skincare products, KD Aromacare products are designed to be used on any part of the body.  But that’s not the only thing that makes this brand truly outstanding.  All the products are created to address deep cleansing of pores, exfoliating, moisturizing and combatting the signs of aging.  Best of all is that every item in the collection is ideal for all skin types.

One customer summed up her transformational experience with the KD Aromacare. J.V. said: “I've always had severe skin issues which led me to eventually taking steroids to help remedy them. Chantell custom made a face/body scrub for me that left my skin healthier while feeling amazing. I've never had results like this with any other products I've tried.  Anyone battling skin issues should try KD Aromacare.”

Those who are serious of overhauling their skincare regimen, can back KD Aromacare’s Kickstarter project with as little as $12.00 and be rewarded with a product of their choice.  For further information or to pre-order a product or the entire range, visit: https://www.kdaromacareproducts.com or http://bit.ly/2EH5bze.

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