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UPBUTY Co. Ltd Brings Japan’s Cherry Blossom to Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

UPBUTY Co. Ltd is pleased to announce that the annual Italy Cosmoprof Worldwide, Bologna will hold from March 14th to March 17th, 2019. The exhibition time which coincides with the Japanese cherry blossom season will provide an exciting opportunity to bring Japan's "Cherry Blossom Festival" to Italy. The cosmetic brand is prepared to let 'Sakura' fall at the exhibition with its unique booth design and innovative products.

UPBUTY Co. Ltd will be showcasing two of its flagship brands to beauty lovers at the Italian Exhibition in Bologna: UPBUTY and SVK.

The first brand Upbuty is a skin care brand from Japan. It is a light luxury brand aimed to solve the problem of ineffective beauty instruments and a poor match between beauty instruments and skincare products. Each product under the Upbuty brand undergoes a lot of clinical tests, with a collection of multi-level user testing. The quality and performance of the products are among the highest in the world. The birth of UPBUTY and the promotion of its beauty products have enriched consumer's choice of beauty instruments, bringing a new concept of smart skin care that has greatly enhanced skin care knowledge and daily skin care efficiency.

The second brand SVK was born in Paris, France. It is a young, fun, fashionable and vibrant beauty brand for young girls. In order to be in line with the brand's IP and style, SVK put forward the innovative concept of "beauty salons at hand", to achieve the ultimate idea of a mobile beauty salon. This gives full play to CMF new materials, new processes, new implementation, focusing on the beauty products’ innovative practice. It applies the "S-CAVITY" high technology, cleansing and infusion technology into the flagship products, giving it a pleasant appearance in pastel colors. It’s the combination of excellent outer appearance and powerful quality of the products inside, helping to captivate a large audience of young followers.

Using the cherry flowering season theme, UPBUTY Co. Ltd will show the brand's charm through its booth design, event schedule, and product display. It's sure to become a happy cherry carnival.

UPBUTY Co. Ltd was established in 2018 with the aim to design unique, innovative, functional, and beautifully designed and high-quality home beauty products. Since its inception, it has been committed to being a pioneer in the skin care technology industry. Its research and development goals are to improve the quality of life for global customers and enhance customer confidence. The company’s R & D team is made up of industry elites with years of experience and expertise in cosmetic medicine and skin care.

At the 2018 Hong Kong Cosmoprof, UPBUTY Co. LTD made its debut to the public. It did also hold the Authorization Ceremony for Greater China Operation and Ambassador for Greater China in the same year. It then went on to attend many other promotional events showcasing its beautifully designed, lightweight and multi-functional products, successfully refreshing the new concept of skin care, and leaving a deep impression on the public.

In November 2018, UPBUTY Co. LTD became the long-term authorization strategic partner for Cosmax, a leader in the Korean cosmetics market. This has enabled UPBUTY Co, LTD gain more industry resource advantages, helping it create more unique, high-quality products and bring greater opportunities and benefits.

In terms of product launches, Upbuty has set the bar high as an industry leader. The Upbuty team developed the "S-CAVITY" fast infusion technology even before the company was officially established. The avant-garde technology which was developed through years of painstaking research is still regarded as a major breakthrough in the skin care industry. Aside S-Cavity, the team has also made several breakthroughs, such as smart reminders, customized skin care, adjustable massage heads, and automatic identification function heads.

Whether it is product materials, ease of operation, or time-saving skincare, UPBUTY Co. Ltd strives for ultimate excellence. Its materials include higher performance zirconia ceramic, edible grade silicone, and skin-friendly medical stainless steel. The brand does not compromise on the quality of its product, taking everything into consideration for consumer safety. Upbuty is also always willing to act on its customer feedback helping it achieve healthier, safer and more convenient product designs. Recently, UPBUTY’s UF20 2 in 1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Beauty Device won the 2018 IF Product Design Award in Germany to attest to the quality of its products.

UPBUTY Co. Ltd sincerely invites all skincare talents and beauty lovers in the beauty industry to visit the company's booth at the Italian exhibition. Visitors are sure to experience a beautiful flower festival and will be able to witness first-hand the anti-aging skin products of UPBUTY Co. Ltd.

For more information about UPBUTY Co. Ltd, please visit http://www.upbuty.com/en/

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