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Roberto Mancini of Greatsun Financial attends cyber-security and fraud prevention conference Tokyo

Roberto Mancini, a senior portfolio manager at Greatsun Financial, has recently attended a cyber-security conference in Tokyo and has outlined some of the key details discussed during the presentation.

Among the topics that were spoken of, the main focus was the ever-increasing use of blockchain technology in the financial and banking sectors. Mr Mancini said ‘Whilst the technology was first piloted back in 2008, it is only recently coming into the public light. Even though it is still in it’s infancy, it has caused disruption across many industries. It’s absolute transparency is one of the factors why it will be so ingrained into the financial sector. It also has massive benefits when considering the time-saving element in regards to labour saving.’

‘Another huge benefit of blockchain is of course security,’ he continued. ‘the blockchain provides a highly secure and transparent way of sending information and money. It also allows companies to take advantage of lower operational costs by using a de-centralised network. These characteristics will ensure that the blockchain will become to finance, what the internet has become to media.

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