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Karlene Rickard Releases Her Eighth Book Along with her First Song

Returning Resident, Parenting Specialist and Author, Karlene Rickard, releases her eighth book, “A to Z of Effective Family Life”, along with her first song, “A to Z Song of Parenting”

KINGSTON, JA, May 8, 2019 – Karlene Rickard is proud to announce the release of her newest book, ‘A to Z of Effective Family Life’, in a cocktail event to be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at the Knutsford Court Hotel.

The book provides parents with essential tools to create a healthy family life. Each area is represented by a letter of the alphabet. The author, Karlene Rickard, tells her story of how she was once totally paralysed, but now can move around with the help of a walker. She is a parenting specialist, teacher, qualified grief counsellor, photographer, life coach, minister and author.

Karlene says the writing of the book was inspired by the Holy Spirit and the need to equip families with positive parenting tools. She returned to Jamaica with the mandate to teach parenting in inner cities but soon discovered that parenting issues is not just an inner-city issue, but a national dilemma. The request for these tools came from her counselling of families and delivery of parenting seminars.

The book can be ordered from her website. ISBN 978-1-912635-92-4

The A TO Z OF PARENTING song allows children to speak to their parents to ensure that they are safe, balanced and confident.

Rescuing our children from the decadence, immorality and abuse is the plight being echoed globally, that drove Karlene Rickard into action.

Karlene has released this song of A to Z, her trademark, written to give the children, our future leaders, their voice, so that they will no longer be seen and not heard, but seen and heard.
The song showcases the rich, beautiful and innocent voices of seven primary school children from the parishes of St. Catherine and Kingston, Jamaica.

Karlene said, “Our children are weeping within, they are to be heard, and their voices have a key role in establishing positive and meaningful child/parenting relationships. Let’s stop school shooting, suicide and teenage pregnancy”.

Karlene is grateful to Dr. Jermaine Gordon and his team for making this project possible, and to the children for their willingness. The single will be available online at iTunes, CD Baby, and other online music distribution websites as well as on Karlene Rickards’ website www.karlenerickard.co.uk

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