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Raid Data Recovery Services - WeRecoverData.com

Avid VideoRAID – RAID Data Recovery Services

Avid VideoRAID - RAID Data Recovery Services

Avid VideoRAID ST and SR disk arrays are Avid’s next generation SATA-based direct attached storage solutions. The ST disk arrays are available in a 5-drive mini tower where as the SR version is available in a 16 drive 3U rackmount chassis. Avid gives different configuration options to users.

Avid VideoRAID disk arrays feature the latest Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interconnect as well as the parity RAID. While SAS provides simple plug and play setup, the RAID prevents loss of media because of a failed drive. The system supports a wide range of Avid editing systems as well as third-party applications via Ultra320 SCSI or Fibre Channel. Raw capacities of these disk arrays range from 2.5 TB to 16 TB per editing system.

Avid’s VideoRAID ST and SR are capable of offering enough bandwidth to provide real-time playback of uncompressed HD media even during drive failure rebuild mode, so these arrays are highly useful in the latest generation of editing applications.

Avid VideoRAID RTR320, RTR320X, FCR2 and FCR2X disk arrays are the high-capacity ATA-based storage solutions with Ultra320 SCSI or 2-Gb Fibre Channel Interconnect. These RAID systems combine the real-time performance, cost-effective ATA drive technology, and fail-safe data protection in the event of a disk drive failure. In the event of a drive failure, Avid VideoRAID disk arrays continue their operation without resulting in any data loss. It also rebuilds the background without compromising the performance of the system. This is a unique advantage of Avid VideoRAID products.

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Avid Unity ISIS - RAID Data Recovery Services

Avid Unity ISIS is a network attached storage solution designed for storing, accessing and sharing large quantities of digital media in collaborative workgroup environments. This storage system is based on a highly scalable, self-balancing, blade-based distributed architecture. Each storage blade includes its own processor, so when the capacity is increased, processing power is also increased intelligently. Avid Unity ISIS is the ideal media network foundation for any content creation enterprise.

Avid Unity ISIS delivers efficient bandwidth up to 400 MB/s of useable bandwidth and new 10Gb/s Ethernet Windows client connectivity supports uncompressed HD and 2K resolutions. Further it allows to combine online and offline workflows on a single system, thus increasing flexibility and simplifying administrative tasks. It also provides high-bandwidth, real-time performance even as the number of clients increases. Up to 12 Avid Unit ISIS Engines can deliver predictable linear performance to 4.8 GB/s, meeting the challenges of the most demanding real-time applications.

Another important feature of Avid Unity ISIS is the flexibility. The flexible architecture enables it to scale up to 330 real-time clients. This feature is especially useful in collaborative environments where hundreds of people need to access media assets across the enterprise. Avid Unity ISIS v2.0 allows for total capacity of 384TB (196 TB usable) with full system mirroring. This is enough to store up to 430 hours of uncompressed HD, or 8700 hours of 50 Mb/s compressed HD. This blade-based storage subsystem features intelligent dual-drive storage elements, integrated Ethernet switching, and redundant power and cooling.

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Raid Data Recovery Services - WeRecoverData.com

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