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Raid Data Recovery Services - WeRecoverData.com

Promise VessRAID – RAID Data Recovery Services

Promise VessRAID - RAID Data Recovery Services

Promise VessRAID is an enterprise-class storage system, featuring a full selection of RAID and management tools. The system is supported by Intel dual-core IOP348 design and is capable of yielding an improved (by 15-20 percent) sequential read and write performance readings which is practical for mission-critical applications running on the host.

VessRAID is also known for its energy-efficient features. With advance hardware design using 80PLUS power supply and a power scheduler operation, the system allows users to power-down and optimize power effectiveness and energy efficiency. This power-scheduling feature of VessRAID system also enables it to do a disk-to-disk backup or restore operation on a user-scheduled basis. It can then return to standby mode when backup is finished. This process results in a considerable 70 percent cost savings annually.

Another important feature of the VessRAID is the one-plug auto service (OPAS), designed to reduce maintenance complexity. By suing a simple USB stick plug-in to the USB port, the system reduces the turnaround time of conventional system diagnostic flow. Advanced applications such as firmware upgrade, event log history, system setup restore, and array configuration scripts installation are included in full service release.

VessRAID family of storage arrays are in demand mainly because of their economical aspects. Currently, when there is a shrink in worldwide IT spends across the world, there is a huge demand for cost-effective, yet feature-rich storage solutions. VessRAID addresses both the price and performance demands.

There are several data recovery solutions offered through different service providers. WeRecoverData is one among the best in offering specialized services to different types of storage devices.

Promise VTrak E-Class - RAID Data Recovery Services

Promise VTrak E-Class is a family of SAS/SATA based dual-controller storage arrays featuring four 3Gb Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) x4 host interface ports per controller. These reliable, high-performance storage arrays are the cost-effective alternative to Ultra SCSI 320 storage applications.

The easy-to-configure and familiar SAS inherits all of the attributes of direct attached storage (DAS) typically used in SMB operations worldwide. VTrak E-Class family further expands its capabilities by offering multi-patching capabilities, cascade support and full redundancy.

Each standard 3U, 19″ rack unit of VTrak E-Class supports up to 16 off-the-shelf 3.5″ SAS or SATA 3Gb/s drives. There is an option to attach up to four SAS JBODs to deliver 80 drive bays of direct attached storage. The RAID 6 (double parity) capability delivers the highest levels of reliability and data protection. VTrak E-Class is an enterprise-class cable-less system design includes fully redundant, hot-swappable controllers, power and cooling units. To ensure further availability, the Dual active-active, failover/ failback RAID controllers provide redundant data paths.

Promise’s embedded browser-based management interface, WebPAM PROe, eliminates the need to install additional software. This software allows configuring and monitoring of all VTrak systems on the network using a single, easy-to-manage interface through an out-of-band Ethernet port.

VTrak systems use industry-standard management protocols, enabling seamless integration with third-party management applications. All system components are constantly monitored using industry standard protocols to ensure continuous operation in case of failure or component malfunction. The Promise VTrak E-Class RAID subsystems are qualified for use with Apple Xsan 2 and Final Cut Studio 2.

Identifying a reliable data recovery agent is crucial when you face problem with failed disks. WeRecoverData is one of the best recovery solution providers that can deal with different types of disk failures.

Raid Data Recovery Services - WeRecoverData.com

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