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3ware – 8006-2LP Serial ATA (SATA) RAID – RAID Data Recovery Services

3ware - 8006-2LP Serial ATA (SATA) RAID - RAID Data Recovery Services

3ware’s 8006-2LP Serial ATA (SATA) RAID controller is a half-length, low-profile 2-port controller that delivers full-featured true hardware RAID to servers and PC workstations. The solution combines advanced RAID management features including the Web-based, command-based, and API software. With all these features, 8006-2LP is one of the best performing PCI to SATA RAID solutions in the industry for the budget-conscious IT professional.

3ware 8006-2LP seamlessly integrates with third-party components such as motherboards and drives. It supports 1 TB of storage using 500 GB SATA drives. The advanced, easy-to-use RAID management and configuration suite provides the best hardware RAID performance for the prices. Featuring the StorSwitch non-blocking switch fabric architecture, the controller delivers maximum throughput. It supports RAID levels 0, 1, and JBOD. Operating systems supported include Microsoft Windows 2003/XP/2000, RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux, and FreeBSD.

3ware 8000 Series RAID controllers are the ideal solutions when there is a need to increase capacity by controlling costs. With the ability to support up to 4 controllers per system the 3ware 8000 Series can scale capacity to over 12 TB (maximum of 2 TB per RAID array). Optimized hardware XOR RAID 5 engine provides true hardware based RAID and intelligent drive management functions. The SCSI device driver model takes advantage of the benefits of SCSI using inexpensive ATA drives. Additionally, the remote browser 3ware Disk Manager (3DM) utility with password security provides network management of storage arrays. SMTP support is provided for email/pager notification. Hot-swap and hot-spare support is offered for data availability, and S.M.A.R.T. disk drive monitoring is provided for reliability.

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3ware - Serial ATA II PCI-X RAID - RAID Data Recovery Services

The 3ware 9550SXU PCI-X to SATA II RAID controller once again proves the company’s dominance in the market on RAID 5 technology. Delivering over 800MB/sec RAID 5 reads and exceeds 380MB/sec RAID 5 writes, 3ware 9550SXU are 200 percent faster than the industry-leading 3ware 9500S RAID controller.

Featuring the 7th generation StorSwitch point-to-point non-blocking switch fabric technology and sophisticated SATA II features including 3 Gbps transfer speed, Native Command Queuing (NCQ), and Port Multiplier support, the 9550SXU controllers deliver unmatched performance. Another specialty of these PCI-X RAID controllers is their Web-based, command-based, and API software components. The 9550SXU is available in 4, 8, 12, and 16-port configurations. It supports operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2003/XP/2000, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, Fedora Linux, 2.4 Linux kernel, 2.6 Linux kernel, FreeBSD, with 32/64-bit support.

On-board PowerPC RISC processor provides true hardware RAID. The SCSI device driver model helps leverage the benefits of SCSI using inexpensive Serial ATA drives. Bootable array support offered for greater fault tolerance. It provides up to 256 MB DDR2 400 memory with ECC protection and 32 pooled DMA channels. The 9550SXU controllers feature a complete configuration management suite including the 3ware BIOS Manager 2 (BIOS configuration tool), 3ware Disk Manager 2 (browser-based management tool), and the Command Line Interface (scriptable configuration tool). It supports networking protocols such as SNMP and SMTP and provides secure access via SSH or HTTPS. The hot-swap and hot-spare features support for data availability and S.M.A.R.T. disk drive monitoring is offered for reliability.

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