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PervCom launches WirelessMine System for improving productivity, safety and cutting operational cost

Calcutta, India,Oct 07, 2009 – PervCom, an industry leader in providing active RFID based real time locating system (RTLS) solutions in India, has announced the launch of its new comprehensive wireless solution package for the mining industry for improving asset visibility, optimizing production, and safety.

PervCom’s WirelessMine solution package covers the open pit and underground mining operations with
different modules; namely- DumperTrace, DumperShield, DumperHealth, TruckTrack and WirelessUnderground.

The DumperTrace is a Dumper Utilization Management and Trip-Counting System for opencast mining industries. Dumper Trace combines the benefit of IEEE 802.15.4 wireless mesh networking system with GPS based navigation system in order to overcome the limitations of GPS-Only systems. The measurement of cumulative utilization pattern of Shovel-Drill Machines-Dumper and other mining equipments is also possible in this system. The online monitoring facility inherent in the system enables proper, error-free monitoring of production from the remote corporate office to the higher management.

DumperShield is a dual-alert automatic collision avoidance system that protects dumper-to-dumper collision, dumper-to-worker collision and the collision of dumper with fixed hazards in opencast mines. Dumper Shield offers early warning and proximity warning using GPS and RF proximity sensors ensuring no blind spot and minimum false alarm. The driving characteristics of the Dumper driver can also be logged inside the system and used in the future for analysis.

DumperHealth system automatically detects and monitors the operational parameters of the essential components of Dumper & generates alerts for maintenance related issues.

TruckTrack is an automated real time tracking system of locations and weights of loaded trucks at entry-exit gates, parking lot, weighbridges within a plant premise from the remote corporate office.

WirelessUnderground system is meant for improving underground mining safety and production improvement through constant monitoring of asset utilization. The utilization pattern of various underground mining equipments such as Side Discharge Loaders, various Drill machines, Load Haul Dump machines etc. can be monitored online and without any human intervention. Moreover, underground miners can be located in various tunnels from the central control station on the surface, which has a great impact on the safety in case of a disaster. The WirelessUnderground system also incorporates strategic placement of the wireless toxic gas sensors, humidity and air flow monitoring sensors to monitor the underground environment in real time, and also provide alerts to take appropriate actions in case of undesired situation.

The benefit of this integrated WirelessMine system is multi-dimensional. By studying the current utilization pattern of the mobile vehicle units the management can improve the production of the operating vehicles. This will in turn improve the individual mobile asset utilization to a great extent. Furthermore, the closed loop control over the mobile asset will also improve the operational efficiency by allocating ‘idle’ vehicles to the more work heavy zones.

Commenting on the usefulness of this new technology, Mr. Sakti Banerjee, Managing Director of the company, former Chairman & Managing Director of NALCO, and a mining expert, has said, “WirelessMine puts forward the right combination of tools and technology to improve the production and streamline the operation of the mining industry to a huge extent. For a long time, it has been the need of the industry to find such cost effective solution to enable wider enterprise visibility and enhance accountability starting from the mine site”.

PervCom’s is in the process of implementing its WirelessMine solution in many premiere mining organizations in India. The higher management sees the definitive need and benefit of this kind of enterprise visibility system very easily and has shown immense enthusiasm to use these solutions for better managing their mines and improve production.

About PervCom Consulting (P) Ltd:

PervCom Consulting, an Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta) spin off company, consisting of researcher of the Ad Hoc Networks Research and Application Group, was incorporated in 2005. PervCom manufactures devices and system solutions for remote tracking, monitoring and management of objects, human beings and environment using Active RFID tags, Sensors and Actuators with wireless mesh networking technologies with unique features to overcome the limitations of passive RFID and WiFi based RTLS solutions. It has proven expertise in developing protocols in multi-hop wireless mesh networks and wireless sensor and actuator networks with five patent pending technologies. PervCom delivers its RTLS and RTSS solutions to different industry verticals such as health care, manufacturing, building automation and mining. For more information on PervCom Consulting, please visit www.pervcomconsulting.com/.

PervCom’s Product Portfolio:

Active RFID based IEEE 802.15.4 standard compliant Real Time Locating System and Real Time Sensing System on a unified platform. PervCom’s end-to-end complete system solutions are specifically tuned for Improving Enterprise Asset Utilization, Underground Mining Safety, Automated Pollution Monitoring, Health Care Industry. PervCom’s product-line include proprietary international standard complaint Active Tags, Localizers/Routers and Gateway devices capable of forming autonomous fault tolerant wireless mesh network with PervTrack system software for centralized and distributed visualization and control, providing anytime anywhere enterprise visibility.

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