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U.S. Government Formulation Used to Fight Bio-Terrorism Released For Commercial Use to Fight H1N1

BIO-RESCUE immediately and completely kills/neutralizes a wide bacterial, biological, viral, and chemical threats, including WMDs such as Anthrax, Ricin, Sarin, VX, etc., simply by spraying surfaces or fogging rooms/HVAC systems-- without mixing anything or using any other attachments and without any corrosive effects” said Vincent Zucchero, President. “It is also eco-friendly” as BIO-RESCUE evolves to non-toxin inactive state (‘water’), resulting in essentially no environmental impact.

Both the 2 part formula and the spray device are covered by multiple patents. The aerosol hand sprayer and room/HVAC fogger units complement the bulk liquid (for mass decontamination), detergent, and powder formats. BIO-RESCUE is based upon decon foam formulations developed by for the US Department of Defense by Sandia National Laboratories for emergency cleanup of biological and chemical warfare agents following a terrorist attack. The formulation is best known for its role in helping to remediate anthrax-contaminated buildings in Washington, New York and Florida in 2001, but has wide-ranging applications for hospitals, schools, other public institutions and the average homeowner.

For instance, Betsy McCaughey, PhD, former New York Lieutenant Governor and Chairman of RID (‘Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths’) has identified one serious problem at hospitals—the lack of clean uniforms, scrubs or lab coats. “Superbugs such as Staph can live on these polyester coats for us to 56 days,” McCaughey says.“The impending H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak has brought a great deal of attention to BIO-RESCUE”, said Christopher Lara, Director of Marketing. “However, this is only one of a long list of problems resolved by BIO-RESCUE—among them some of the most difficult modern day issues, like MRSA, Norovirus, E-Coli, SARS, Hoof and Mouth, Salmonella, Hepatitis B&C, Avian Bird Flu, and so on.” As an acknowledgement of the effectiveness and usefulness of BIO-RESCUE, The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website includes BIO-RESCUE as a primary resource:


BIO-RESCUE formula cleaves chemical/biological organisms or molecules on contact by destroying the chemical structure at a molecular level There by, disinfecting and neutralizing the treated products or surfaces. The molecular bonds are “broken”, as opposed to just being covered up. Surfactant system also penetrates spore coatings, normally very resistant to biocides. This “kill” method does not allow organisms to develop “resistance” to BIO-RESCUE.

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