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E-Hanger In-Home Media Announces its entry at the 2009 Ontario Waste Minimization Awards event.

100% Recyclable 100% Disposable 100% Eco Friendly Clothing Hangers

The E-Hanger company, manufactures of the first recyclable clothing hanger in Canada, will feature its product along with multi-national organizations in the upcoming 2009 Ontario Waste Minimization Awards schedule to take place on Thursday October 22, 2009 at Atlantis Pavilions, Ontario Place.

The 25-year-old contest which is sponsored by the Recycling Council of Ontario, rewards companies achievements in environmental sustainability and waste reduction innovations — two areas that E-Hanger excels in. This year’s event special guest speaker will be the Hon. John Gerretsen, Minister of the Environment.

The E-Hanger is manufactured from post consumer waste board and is printed with eco vegetable soya based inks. Its durability and eco-friendly properties have made the product an ideal replacement for the millions of non-recyclable wire clothes hangers that are dumped into Canadian landfills each year.

E-Hanger’s not only good for the environment, it’s also free to dry cleaners , thanks to the advertisers who market products directly on the hangers . Not only does this allow marketers to get their message out to thousands of people around the country, but they can do it in an environmentally conscious way.

Nicole Atananasoaie, E-Hanger’s vice-president, is thrilled to be competing in such a prestigious program. “We’re committed to reducing the number of wire hangers ending up in Canadian landfills every year,” she says. “So being a part of this event can only help the cause.”

The company is also dedicated to creating more green jobs. As E-Hanger grows more and more people will be able to contribute to an eco-friendly economy both directly with the organization and indirectly, as graphic artists, sales professionals and others who work for the businesses that advertise with E-Hanger.

With people increasingly turning to environmentally sustainable products, E-Hanger’s product will find its way into thousands of homes, reducing landfill waste in the process.

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