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A World Event in All Natural Pest Control and very long term Timber Preservation

Developed from the formulations used by Ancient Egyptians for preserving the mummies and their ornate carved wooden sarcophagus, Cedarshield have upgraded and perfected these formulas to provide World beating and totally unique all natural products that could literally change our World.

They have a golden bio-fluid called Cedarshield Petri-Wood that has to be the most innovative and amazing product to come into the lumber industry in the past century. It offer a one-time life-time treatment for all types of timber, applied in three coats by brush, airless spray or even dipping and this product instantly removes all bound and inherent water and moisture, restoring the dimensional and structural stability of the timber, stopping it from warping, cupping or splitting. The fluid continues all the way through the wood providing it will total and extremely long term preservation against all types of rot, fungal decay, mold, mildew, attack by water or moisture AND attack by all types of wood destroying insects, such as termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetle. Petri-Wood works in all environments including marine timbers and it contained no toxins, no poisons, no chemicals and no hazards of any kind. It is non-flammable and completely safe to use without special protective clothing or any licenses and it is totally environmentally friendly in every way possible. This one product could quite literally change the world of long term timber preservation for good, hopefully removing our demand for the current and so called pre-treated timber which has the green surface color. Existing pre-treated timbers are full of toxins and arsenic poison which can leach out into yards and eventually into water courses. Petri-Wood does not leach out and even if it did, it would cause no harm to plants or water courses as it is 100% natural organic in formulation.

On the insect and pest control side, they have one product that when applied for example in a hotel bedroom using their own tri-jet portable fogger, will totally eliminate Bed Bugs, including their eggs and larvae inside the mattress, plus head lice, nits and even crabs, together with ants and spiders which may be within the room being treated. What is amazing on this one is that it commences mortality on these bugs within an amazing seven seconds from application and there is no need to evacuate the premises during or after treatment. This product is now called "Dr. Ben's Evictor" or "Best Yet" as it was known until now. It comes in handy travel sprays, quart size spray bottles and one gallon containers for commercial or larger treatment use AND it can also be used safely on Dogs and Cats for flees and ticks, on children for head lice and nits, on everyone as a superb bug repellent and even in the yard as a patio protector, for protecting fruit trees and vegetables, plus a range of other applications. It is indeed one of the most wonderful all natural inventions every produced and one, that is already is very high and ever growing demand everywhere.

These and all the other Cedarshield natural products have been tried, tested and proven by numerous prominent University Laboratories and Scientists. They are all FDA approved and are the ONLY all natural products recommended by the US Federal Government to be used by their armed forces at home and overseas. Accordingly, it is time the whole World knew about these products as they offer safe and efficient solutions to so many environmental problems and issues. Why not visit their web site at: www.cedarshield.ca and read all the test reports and testimonials, plus check out their videos by clicking on the timber treatment link. This site is a mine of great information and the company itself also provide a totally free advice and guidance service from their Vancouver facility.

These products look set to become a household name World wide and Cedarshield North America is a highly progressive company that genuinely believes in what it does. Perhaps a company worth watching by the discerning investor.

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