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USTBA (United States Travel Baseball Association), today announced it has sent cease and desist letters to USTBA-USA and their directors claiming trademark infringement, unauthorized copyright and database rights and use of proprietary and intellectual information, expects to be in a position to commence legal proceedings against USTBA-USA in both Douglas County Georgia Superior and the United States Federal Courts shortly.

This latest action is in addition to legal action commencing against USTBA-USA and its owner Tommy Chase, in Superior Court of Douglas County Georgia, alleging fraud, embezzlement, theft of real property, and other causes of action where USTBA seeks injunctive relief to force USTBA-USA to cease its unauthorized acts, as well as monetary damages to be determined at trial.

USTBA is a leading amateur national baseball sanctioning organization in the United States. The organization has created copyrighted proprietary and intellectual information and materials, unique industry-specific formats, competitive insight and strategic programs since inception. Paul Jennings, owner and president of USTBA, started the national baseball organization in July 2007 and began using the name USTBA and their logo in commerce specializing in amateur baseball tournaments nationally. The use of the name USTBA, currently being used in part by USTBA-USA, has caused immense confusion and detrimental effects to the goodwill name which has been created over the years.

Paul Jennings, founder and president of USTBA states “It’s like advertising and starting a company and product named Coca-Cola®-USA, a Mercedes® advertised as a Mercedes®-USA or going to a veterinarian claiming to be a M.D to heal your sick child. All these would be misleading to the public, infringement of an established company name, unauthorized use of proprietary and intellectual information and cause irreparable confusion and harm as in this case with USTBA-USA.”

Despite USTBA’s attempts to resolve this matter, USTBA-USA has refused to cease its use of USTBA in their name, use of copyright material and database, proprietary and intellectual information and materials, return of USTBA’s legal real property and refusal to return company funds belonging to USTBA.

USTBA-USA’s continued unauthorized acts require that USTBA (United States Travel Baseball Association) to bring this matter before the courts.

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