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Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins Launches Year-Long Campaign

Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins recently announced that it would launch a campaign this year to help customers understand the process of hair growth. In this year-long campaign Alpha Renew will help customers understand how their hair growth works.

Through their own blog, emails, and graphics to website visitors, Alpha Renew will begin a conversation that will help to dispel the myths of hair growth and try to replace that with fact.

“We all care about our hair, but we just don’t understand it. We tend to take our hair for granted, until it’s, well, gone,” said Greg Nilson. “By creating a dialogue with our customers we hope to dispel the myths.”

What are some of the myths of hair growth? The first important myth is that shampoos or conditioners can influence hair growth. The truth is that they cannot help hair growth. The best that they can do is help clean your scalp clean and smelling good. Hair growth is another story.

The next important myth is that no matter what we do we cannot do anything for our hair growth. If you want to increase your hair growth or you want to positively impact the type of hair you have, it is entirely possible.

The fact is that 40% of all people who are experiencing hair growth problems, hair loss, or experiencing hair shedding. The reasons are simple, dietary intake can increase your hair growth.

Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins is packed with all the great things that your body needs to produce the healthy hair we are looking for. Compared to other hair vitamins, Alpha Renew has 1067% biotin, a 1000 mg of MSM, Silica, and Vitamin B Complex. Taken together with a mix of other vitamins, minerals, and compounds to help you absorb them better, Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins is certainly among the top hair vitamins on the market today. Certainly, many men and women all over the world would agree that they love what Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins has done to their hair.

“Not only do we support our customer’s healthy hair growth, we also provide great confidence too,” added Nilson.

For more information on Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins, visit http://www.AlphaRenewhair.com

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