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Local Company Offers a “Clean” Start to the New Year

Brisbane – iKanKraft, a multi-purpose cleaning company, wants to help you welcome in the new year with a cleaner office space and a cleaner home. Some scientific studies indicate that people can feel more upbeat, more productive and happier with a cleaner work or home environment – and this is what iKanKraft is all about. The company offers cleaning services in Brisbane as well as along the Gold Coast. 

“The iKanKraft team has been Cleaning Gold Coast offices or homes for several years, whether it has been in a previous job or on an individual venture,” said Susan McCamley, one of the company's owners. “Now, under the iKanKraft name, we can offer the same cleaning services to people throughout the Brisbane area – windows, carpets, lawns, you name it!” 

The company offers standard residential and commercial cleaning services, but also specialise in window cleaning, lawn maintenance and cleaning rental properties when you are ready to move house. Their website, www.gold-coast-cleaning.com.au, describes their services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as weekly cleaning tips. 

“If you need windows cleaned, iKanKraft can do it. If you need carpets cleaned, iKanKraft can do it,” says Susan. “And even if you need to clean up ugly markings along your home or on your driveway, iKanKraft specialises in pressure cleaning, too.” 

For more information, iKanKraft can be contacted via their website, www.gold-coast-cleaning.com.au 

Susan McCamley
24 Wilkinson Cres Currumbin Waters
Queensland 4223, Australia
Phone: 0412 212 853
Website: www.gold-coast-cleaning.com.au

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