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A Great New Resource for Structured Settlements and Annuities

At times when the economy is unpredictable, it is completely normal for a person to back himself with the right knowledge and inform himself first, before making a big financial decision. From factoring to selling of structured settlements, individuals interested the details of this market might be at loss where to start. It is a given that a structured settlement is a difficult thing to grasp, especially for someone who is new to the topic. Settlementsannuities.com offers a solution to that dilemma, by collating nearly every piece of information available and putting it in one web site. 

Structured settlement companies are not like one’s local used car market, as firms involved in this industry offer a wide range of prices to purchase structured settlements. Due to the fact that it is more of a boutique market, and the number of competitors is much less compared to other traditional markets, it is not easy for sellers of structured settlements to compare multiple offers. If that information got you more than a little confused, then it is time to find answers to everything about structured settlements. At Settlementsannuities.com, one can easily find a wide range of topics that can educate a newbie on what a structured settlement is, how a structured settlement sale and transfer is done, as well as a list of companies involved in buying structured settlements, complete with unbiased consumer reviews. Aside from this, daily news updates about the industry can be read from the websites’ blog, which delivers up-to-date, useful information about the most recent developments in the structured settlement field. 

SettlementAnnuities.com was formed by Joshua Goldblum, a 20-year veteran of the financial industry who continues to be involved in financial markets like annuities, structured settlements, small business finance, venture capital and various types of financial instruments. 

About Settlement and Annuities 

Settlement and Annuities, based in New York City, is a leading provider of informational resources for the settlement and annuity industry. Their services focus on providing accurate consumer reviews of structured settlement buyers and providing related information to help consumers and the general public make sound and savvy decisions regarding their involvement and use of structured annuities and settlements.

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