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Piet & Wright Assures of Dependable Legal Assistance to Veterans

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 4, 2013 -- Piet & Wright, a law firm founded by two experienced and knowledgeable attorneys Charles T. Wright and John A. Piet, announces to offer guaranteed legal assistance to all veterans and their families on a wide variety of legal matters. Attorney Charles T. Wright has recently been accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs for representing veteran soldiers and taking their legal issues before the administration board to get them all the benefits that they deserve. Lawyer Wright is the partner of the firm and he sees this as an opportunity to serve the patriot soldiers who have fought for the nation.

On being appointed as a veterans affairs accredited attorney, Attorney Wright utters happily, “Veterans have served the nation. There are many of them who have shown their patriotism in the World War I & II, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. And now if they need any legal representation in any matter, we both (I and John) will strive hard to get them the maximum benefits that they deserve.”

Many war heroes in the country have welcomed the announcement that the lawyers duo have made where they have assured of providing the maximum permissible benefits to the veterans in all cases. Piet & Wright have decided to extend their help to all veteran soldiers from all states in the US. They invite all of them to get the maximum judicial benefits in all cases related to the appeal and persecution.

John A. Piet is also very excited about Wright’s selection as a veterans affairs accredited attorney He finds it as a new milestone in their long career as reputed lawyers representing a number of US citizens in varied types of issues. He importantly acclaims, “We always wanted to serve our veteran soldiers who have shown their courage and commitment to the nation. All of them and their family members deserve appropriate and lawful representation in all matters. The Department of Veterans Affairs is doing very noble work so that all of them can have a faith on the judiciary system of this nation. And we assure all of them of helpful and speedy resolution of their issues under the legal framework of this country.”

Piet & Wright express their full commitment to ensure justice to all veteran soldiers in all prosecution and appeal cases. They have recently introduced a toll-free number 1-866-373-0012 for the war heroes to approach them for a speedy legal assistance. Besides calling them, a veteran can contact them by visiting their website as well http://www.pietwright.com/veterans-affairs-accredited-attorney/.

About Piet & Wright

Piet & Wright have been serving numerous individuals, families and businesses for past so many years to protect their legal rights. Piet & Wright founded their firm in 2006 and they have been offering their legal services to the citizens of all the states in the US. Both the qualified attorneys give personal attention to each and every client, bringing them the maximum legal advantage that they deserve.

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Contact Persons: Charles T. Wright & John A. Piet
Nation Wide Toll Free: 1-866-373-0012
Phone: 866-373-0012
E-mail: info@pietwright.com
Website: http://www.pietwright.com/veterans-affairs-accredited-attorney/

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