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Ravi Kumar Yadav A Successful Politician Working as Youth Congress General Secretary

This republic day saw enthusiastic and fun-filled celebration at Arbor International School, Hyderabad. The school itself is an eco-friendly marvel with green infrastructure. Run with great efficiency and effort of Sandaiah Educational Society, Arbor International School has become one of the premier educational institutions in the city in a very short span. This has become possible through the direction and vision of Sri Ravi Kumar Yadav who is the secretary of The Sandaiah Memorial Trust.

In addition to running the trust with creative vision and futuristic planning, the contribution of Sri Ravi Kumar Yadav to the society at large has been immense. Sri Yadav has been the President of Greater Hyderabad Youth Congress and he has risen to the state level to becoming the General Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress. However, his interest in politics is mostly limited to social causes and growth of the socio-economic society in his area (Andhra Pradesh). Using politics as a platform to achieve social growth is one theory that has been partly practiced in the country in the past and not practiced in the recent times, and in this context, Sri Ravi Kumar Yadav is an exceptional pioneer.

This republic day saw a lot of fun and frolic mainly related to green and conservation issues at the Arbor International School and the presence of Sri Yadav to mix and motivate the children has been most welcome. In addition to playing with the children, Sri Yadav also presided over the distribution of prizes for various events and achievements.

Sri Ravi Kumar Yadav feels that spending quality time with children is a priority to ensure the present positive changes stick and stay; he is trying to build the society and people at large around him to be sustained in the future.

Speaking at the republic day celebration at Arbor International Schools, Sri Yadav said “Children are the future of the social change, society, country and the world at large and their well-being, mentally as well as physically would automatically augur a healthy society that is necessary to ensure a brighter future and socially well-knit people”.

Sri Yadav should propound his socio-political views and theories on a larger scale and we would certainly appreciate if he could spread his message at a national level and in the far future at on an international stage. We only hope to have more of such upright political leaders to lead us to peace and prosperity.

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