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ScriptsGenie.com Announces New Popular Scripts and Availability of More Than 100 Digital Products

February 8, 2013 – ScriptsGenie.com, the #1 source for digital products, has added new popular scripts among its more than 100 products available at low prices. The new scripts include Promo Page Generator with master resale rights. Customers can provide affiliates with the tools they need to promote a product. The sales which result help customers and the affiliates profit by using a professional webpage generator.

WebSite TransLoader, a host to host transfer program, is available for $3.99 and is a small script that lets webmasters copy files between servers, remotely. There is no need to download these files to a PC; they are automatically transferred from one server to another when commanded to from the remote computer.

Numerous other scripts are available from ScriptsGenie.com, plus templates, PLR articles, e-book store webscripts, and animated web graphics. A complete catalog is available on the website for finding the different kinds of digital products available. Various e-books and videos and tutorials are listed, covering how to run a business, approach online marketing, and much more. Programs available through the site include file transfer, data security, and advertising software.

These products and the new scripts available can be found in the site’s listings and through a keyword and category oriented search screen. An integrated shopping cart helps customers keep track of their orders and easily purchase scripts and other software they need to build their business. In addition, a customer support center incorporates ticket numbers so users can track the progress of their support and related responses.

To learn more about the website and the new Promo Page Generator and WebSite TransLoader, plus numerous other digital products for sale, go to http://scriptsgenie.com.

About ScriptsGenie.com:

ScriptsGenie.com is a website where visitors can find numerous types of digital products such as web scripts, templates, articles, graphics, and more. Over 100 products are available in several categories covering webpage design to marketing. Users can manage their accounts, shop online, and track their orders and support all through the site.

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