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Learn to Do Organic Gardening with Video Course!

(Penn Yan, New York) February 8, 2013 - New York based company provides full motion video instruction course on how to do organic gardening. There’s no more need to try and decipher an instruction book for the would be organic gardener. 

How do people learn the best? By seeing and by doing. And, assuming hiring an expert to come out to the home is out of financial reach, what’s a great alternative? Using full motion instructional videos is a great start. However, who is going to do organic gardening in front of their TV and DVD player? So, how does one get that instruction where and when they need it? 

Phil Nauta, founder of The Smiling Garden Academy, has some suggestions of how the aspiring organic gardener can receive instruction in their own home. According to the Founder, take these steps: 

• Find an expert who has put together their expertise on video
• Make certain that the video is online, so you can view it on a tablet or smart phone, where the organic project is going to be
• Be able to ask questions, by chat, email, or blog if you have questions
• Choose a company who has premium access to experts to get answers right when they are needed
• Purchase a program that will be there in the long haul so that the beginner will have resources for the long haul
• Choose a source that allows for one’s peers to interact and share what is working best for them

For a sneak peek to what premium access members get to The Smiling Garden Academy, visit http://organicgardeningtips101.com. Or you can email for more information at: earthsfriend@organicgardeningtips101.com 

Contact Name: Ruth Martin
Contact Email: earthsfriend@organicgardeningtips101.com

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