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Soul Plan Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose – By Blue Marsden

Soul Plan is a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis. Available for the first time to a wider audience, this truly empowering method accesses the vibration in your birth name to determine your entire 'Soul Plan'.

Using an easy-to-follow method you will:

• uncover your greatest strengths (career, creative, financial and spiritual talents) and align with your higher Soul Purpose

• understand the past and reveal your best future potential

• see clearly your greatest challenges and how these can be overcome

• receive an energetic activation and practical tools to heal and align your purpose

• align with your higher Soul Purpose

• enjoy working out your own Soul Plan and the Plans of others (or use a FREE online programme to instantly chart them).

About the Author: Blue Marsden

Blue Marsden is a teacher of contemporary counselling, healing and spirituality who has blended a lifelong study of ancient esoteric methods with a degree in Philosophy and an MA in Psychoanalysis. He is founder of Holistic Healing College and responsible for creating a unique training programme that certifies counsellors (with healing skills) internationally. www.soulplan.co.uk

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