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PeterTrapasso.com Announces an Increase of Over 700% in Web Traffic

February 15, 2013 -- PeterTrapasso.com, a website dedicated to social mediaanalyticssoftware, and writing tips, recently announced that it achieved a gain in traffic of over 700% which is great news and an honor for the said website. 

PeterTrapasso.com obtained an over 700% increase of web traffic from the month of November last year up to January 2013. The said company sustained this increase and is now growing further. The web traffic generated was not just a traffic spike, but a stable and manageable development trajectory. PeterTrapasso.com is a website where anyone can get more ideas and helpful tips in using social media sites, blogging, and more. The blog posts available at the said website are informative, interesting and full of facts. 

PeterTrapasso.com recently announced that they got higher web traffic for the said website. This website got more than 700% generated web traffic and it was able to increase its web traffic by more than 7 fold in just 90 days. This was the result of their regular publishing of blog posts about social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and many more. In fact, each of the blogs featured on this website was shared and offered across huge social media followings. These were all promoted by using the latest social media SEO strategies available at present. Popular blog posts included Leading 10 Apps for Instagram, How to Obtain More Followers for Instagram and Twitter Analytic Tools for Free. 

PeterTrapasso.com often provides blog posts regarding the social media, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics and Mobile apps. It is expected that more web users will visit PeterTrapasso.com in 2013 so that it will continue to rise in prominence. As of now, the website offers new and recently posted blogs about different topics. PeterTrapasso.com is a reputable website that provides blogs, ideas and tips about social media websites, analytics, software and writing. They also provide SEO and social media services to the public. The content available on this website are informative, detailed and include interesting facts related to the technology industry. This company is located in San Francisco, CA, USA and it is owned by Peter Trapasso. 

For more information about PeterTrapasso.com, please feel free to visit http://petertrapasso.com/. For inquiries, contact Peter Trapasso at contact@petertrapasso.com. 

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Contact: Peter Trapasso
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