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Water Heater Water Damage Remediation in Santee – Health Risks Addressed by Gold Coast Flood

Gold Coast Flood Restorations are Santee water damage repair specialists. They say besides flooding from external sources being the primary cause of damage to homes, there are internal water leaks that can cause home-owners thousands of dollars worth of repair bills and even affect the health of the occupants. 

Water heaters installed in Santee homes must be properly maintained; otherwise in time they will rust from the inside out. This rust damage causes water heater leaks that lead to serious water damage inside the home. 

The following is one such cause that the San Diego water damage specialist points to that can cause problems for home-owners with water heaters that are not properly maintained: 

"One such issue is and undetected leak (slow leak), and this can cause your utility bill to rise because of additional water being wasted and the continual heating of new water added to the tank," says company spokesperson Joe Colombo, who adds the following list of common types of water damage to the home caused by leakage from a water heater unit. 

Carpet Damage 

Carpets are especially vulnerable to long term exposure to water. While clean water that evaporates from the carpet within 48 hours generally causes no permanent damage, a leaking water heater provides a continual source of water that does not evaporate. Left unchecked for more than 48 hours the section of carpet exposed to the water can be damaged to the point of needing replacement. 

Flood Damage 

A water heater that bursts, spilling a tremendous amount of water on the floor can cause more than just an annoying flood. The water that is released can seep into floorboards, cracks in the baseboard, get under carpets and more. Water that finds its way under flooring can warp the wood, causing a great deal of damage that requires the affected wood to be replaced. 

Water that flows behind walls can warp the wooden studs and support system as well, requiring it to be replaced. Furthermore, where ever the water reaches, it can damage vulnerable drywall and other items as well. However, there is an even greater danger presented by a water heater that leaks over time. 


The water released from a poorly maintained water heater causes the moisture content of the air to rise which is the perfect breeding ground for dangerous strains of mold. Mold clings to any surface and can grow at a tremendously fast rate. 

Left unchecked, mold will cause continuing damage to your walls, flooring and the support structures of your home. Even worse, mold contains harmful properties that when released in the air cause allergic reactions and even illness to the occupants of the home. The presence of mold can create conditions such that the home might become unlivable until removed via proper or professional mold remediation. 

The Santee water damage experts at Gold Coast Flood Restorations encourage people who have suffered a water heater leak or breach to contact them immediately for a full water damage and mold remediation evaluation. 

For further information about the best way to address the potential issue of leaking water heater damage, please visit the following website: http://goldcoastflood.com 

If you'd like to have more information about the Gold Coast Flood Restorations San Diego water damage and mold removal remediation services, or the potential health risks associated with mold infestation left untreated or removed, please contact Gold Coast Flood Restorations, a trusted local 24 hour Santee water damage company that specializes in Santee water heater water damage remediation and mold removal remediation. Call 888-373-9243 or visit http://goldcoastflood.com

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