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Top Payday Loans Online Launches Lender Review Website

February 21, 2013 – A new website has been recently launched by Top Payday Loans Online, where customers can read valuable information on individual lenders before deciding on taking loans from them. The service is now available and visitors can read reviews and ratings at no cost. 

Overall ratings plus a thorough write up are included to provide a detailed assessment of each lender. Maximum loan values and links to their respective websites are also provided. Each lender is ranked on a list, displayed directly on the homepage. Little time, therefore, is needed to start checking reviews and assessing different lenders. 

In addition, a table with the ranking, lender, rating, loan amounts available, and links to the in-depth reviews are provided. The listings are based on lenders the creators of the website have searched for on the web and tried out. Reviews are based on each of these personal experiences. The highest rated ones depict lenders which were pleasant to work with and provided a simple process for application. 

Visitors are assured the reviews are accurate because all are based on real people using the lending services, and who are not rich. The assessments are based on test tries, with $100 loans taken to gauge the performance of the lender. 

The Top Payday Loans Online website is now live. It provides a simple and easy way to access highly rated lenders which provide the best service. For more details and to start researching various loan providers, visit http://toppaydayloansonline.com/.

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