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PlumbTalk Women Reiterates its Commitment towards Women Empowerment by Bringing Unique Motivational Resources

February 23, 2013 -- PlumbTalk Women is a website created by Dr. Shelly Plumb that addresses several important issues that women of the modern era generally come across and focuses on empowering women. On her website, Dr. Plumb talks about the secrets that can make a woman feel happy and satisfied being a woman. She critically acclaims that her website provides an essential framework to the topic of women empowerment by discussing the lifestyle needs and goals of the modern women. 

In its eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations has pointed out its commitment to bring women’s social, financial and literary status at par with the men at the global scale. The deadline to achieve MDGs is set for 2015, and the site PlumbTalk Women is playing its bit to continue working towards the women empowerment by bringing some little talked-about but important women’s issues to the fore front. Dr. Plumb reveals that despite several women are educated and financially well-settled they lack the self-esteem to think that they are not inferior to men. She claims, “My intention to create this website is to enhance the self-esteem and confidence of the women by empowering them to overcome the physical and emotional challenges they often come across on a daily basis. By bringing many real-life stories, case studies, empowering women quotes, etc., I want to make sure that women must enjoy their status of being a woman.” 

She further points out, “While today nearly 20 per cent of women are parliamentarians in different countries around the world, they still lack the confidence to maintain their pace with their male counterparts. Now, we women can’t wait another couple of decades to gain equal representation not in parliaments but in all walks of life.” 

Many woman activists have hailed Shelly’s efforts that she has made to make women more capable and feel treasured. Shelly conducts live events and webinars through which she tries to motivate women to think big and strive for bigger results in their life, not just for themselves and other fellow women but for the whole mankind. If you too want to access helpful resources or empowering women quotes brought by Shelly Plumb, you can check her website http://www.plumbtalkwomen.com. 

About Plumb Talk Women 

PlumbTalk Women, the website created by Shelly Plumb, aims to provide women with the passion, energy, and determination to change not only themselves, but also the societies in which they live. Through her website, Dr. Plumb endeavors to enhance the self-esteem of women, which she thinks is the foundation of women empowerment. The site has been created with an objective of giving women a solid premise and all the necessary tools to help build their positive self-image on a global basis. 

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