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Leakn.com Announces their Website’s Reporting Scams Feature to Raise Awareness about Various Kinds of Scams & Frauds

February 25, 2013 -- Leakn.com brings unique opportunities for the common public to report a scam and bring the issue to a wider level of awareness. The site allows anyone to create a free account and post their real stories if some individuals or some organizations might have cheated them. The site maintains that the world is expanding very fast and the Internet has made people capable of reaching from one corner to another across the globe. On one hand, it has facilitated the business to grow across the frontiers; at the same time many scammers have taken advantage of it to cheat people being anonymous. The site thus maintains that by reporting scams that one might have come across, one can warn others and safeguard people from being cheated. 

Organizations like the Department of Justice and the FBI play their role to create public awareness by informing people about fraudulent activities. They try to bring the suspected scams to the fore, which are often perpetrated by the criminals and fraudulent companies. But still there are several cases where individuals become victims of fraudulent activities, which go unreported. Now, the website tries to empower innocent people with a platform where they can report a scam and try to alert others from being cheated. 

The site Leakn.com maintains that the purpose of their scam reporting is to create awareness about suspected scams and thus people can be extra careful while dealing with those suspected people and organizations which have been reported by the website users. Such a reporting encourages people to investigate the matters and thus deters the fraud associated with any kind of offer and proposal that one would come across. Today, one can come across a host of home-based business opportunities and lucrative offers that make people immediately jump into action to grab the money-minting opportunity, as claimed, and to eventually find out that they have been cheated. This is the reason why the site encourages people for reporting scams so that others can be made familiar about the fraudulent activities that are prevalent in the world. 

If you have been cheated by anyone then you are invited to report a scam on the site http://leakn.com for free. You can also read other’s stories on the site to be aware of the frauds and scams that one can become a victim of. 

About Leakn.com 

The website Leakn.com brings real information about people and companies. This is a brand-new social site, where one can read negative or positive opinions about people and organizations. A user can register for free on the site and can report about scams or frauds that he or she might be victimized by, remaining anonymous. The site intends to create a wider level of awareness about the fraud people and organizations so that one can be careful while dealing with such people or companies. 

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