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A new app which helps in customizing live wallpapers for the Android Devices

February 23, 2013: For all the android users one of the critical things which define how their devices leave an impact is the onscreen wallpapers. Since the Android devices have been in the market the favourite thing for the devices has been live wallpapers. There are hosts of live wallpapers which are available in the Android market at Google Play. But searching and downloading individual wallpapers may be a tiring job. Also people do not have much time to search for different kinds of wallpapers. To ease this out, the new app named fantasy live wallpaper free has been released. It is a simple application which has a collection of wallpapers from almost every niche. So the people who love fairies or exotic locations as their background will have them all. 

The live wallpapers are great in resolution and make the device look lively as ever. These are great for any device which would inspire the device to look as colourful as they could be. While people might start thinking it’s just another app with collection of different wallpapers then they should check this before judging. Yes this app comes with some other features as well. Users can use it to create their own glitter and sparkle overlay effects on the already existing stylish images. Adding different effects and customizing it further would help people to have their own effects and personalize their phone background. The collection of HD live wallpapers is huge which are of great quality and is well suited to be used on tablets while in transitions. The other feature with which is also inbuilt is the inclusion of sound which for many might seem to be a great feature. 

This is not all that the app allows the users to download additional images from the settings screen. The app is both available for free and paid version. The free version comes with watermark whereby people have the option to upgrade to the PRO version which is ad supported. Additionally if they wish to see no ads on their live wallpapers they can go on and purchase the app for their devices. To list some of the great features this app comes with it would include the following: 

• Great looking HD wallpapers well compatible with the tablets
• Customizable options to configure glitter and sparkle overlay effect
• Image transitions types can be configured
• Comes with a battery and performance optimized option
• Using the battery saver option it automatically deactivates the Live Wallpapers in case the power falls below the threshold

So this could be a great app for people looking to play around with the wallpapers of their devices. It should make people engaged in trying out different effects and live wallpapers off and on, while giving their device a fresh look every time. 

About Fantasy Live Wallpaper Free 

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.pimpdroid.wallpaper.fantasyhdfree 

Fantasy Live Wallpaper Free is a new app which is available for all android devices. People can use live wallpapers, add effects and image transitions using this app.

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