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”The Prince of Love” Iyse Gibson – The Upcoming Star Wins the Hearts of Millions

March 2013 When it comes to the world of entertainment, many prominent names appear which are loved by millions in the world. These days, people love music more than anything and are always on a lookout for a new, talented artist whose tracks they can enjoy at all times. Girls are specifically attracted to young artists that are emerging nowadays and gain a significant amount of prominence due to their countless girl fans and thus proving a great female fan following.

Iyse Gibson is one of those many artists that have captured the hearts of millions in different parts of the whole world. This is because of the fact that his tracks are entirely unique and amazing when compared to the others in the present times. Due to his uniqueness, Iyse Gibson has gained a lot of popularity and fame just after releasing his album which contained a whole lot of spectacular tracks that were received very well by critics and loved by the new fans and public. The best part is this young artist is multi-talented. He is going from production to writing, organizing and singing, which is rather impressive for such a young fellow.

Sources have revealed that Iyse Gibson has attained all the knowledge from none other than his parents, who introduced him to a world of magnificent artists such as Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince. His debut album “” created a lot of noise in many places in the UK and US and has since made him rise to prominence amongst fellow artists. At quite a young age, he has worked with many experienced and famous artists which other artists dream of. Many might think that he is lucky, but that is not a fact as pure, unaltered talent is not an excuse for luck.

The track “SHOWTIME” in his debut album, LEGENDARY, would hit the top charts as it has a lot of potential due to its amazing content and composition. The prominent tracks on the album include, Lover’s Testimony, Fanfare, She’s A Legend, Barbie Walk, Friend, One Last Chance, Take It Back, I’ll Be There and Lion Heart.

The album is available on iTunes for all those who love Iyse Gibson and are interested to listen to the music of this amazingly talented young artist. The album is gaining immense significance on a daily basis and it won’t be long before Iyse Gibson becomes the next big thing in the music industry.

For Social Media Contact about Iyse Gibson:
Reverbnatin: www.reverbnation.com/iysegibson
Twitter: iysegibson
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/iyse-gibson
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/legendary/id484205007
iHeart: iheart.com/artist/Iyse-Gibson-393675/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqznSgMPqro

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