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Eyelash studio Houston offers Exclusive Eyelash Extensions that Fulfill the Modern Lifestyle Needs of Every Woman

Houston, Texas, March 12, 2013 – Splash Lash Studio based in Houston helps women follow the emerging beauty trend of maintaining beautiful eyelashes. The Eyelash studio Houston owned by Ashley Dixon tries to enhance the beauty of a woman with different types of Eyelash Extensions. Ashley maintains that her studio has a wide variety of eyelashes of different styles that can suit all women and will enhance their beauty. She claims, “We try to understand first what type of eyelashes will be perfect for a woman who comes to us. We have professionals in our studio who have undergone eyelash extensions training and are very much talented to accomplish an eyelash extension job in more than a perfect manner.”

According to Ashley, her objective of starting this studio is to help every woman in Houston to look trendy as per the modern lifestyle. Her eyelash extension products are meant for every woman and are affordable too. Moreover, all Eyelash extension Houston services are provided by the skillful and talented workers who recommend the most suitable styles that can help multiply the charm of a woman’s face. At the same time, they are proficient in creating personalized designs that could be an exclusive style of a woman client.

Ashley’s Splash Lash Studio is the proud Eyelash Extension boutique in Houston that has popularized eyelash beautification trends amongst the gorgeous women of the city. Ashley reveals, “It’s not long ago when many women used to come to our studio and they knew nothing about Eyelash Extensions. Today, our Lash extension Houston boutique is visited by thousands of beauty-conscious ladies and all of them show their anxiousness in enhancing their facial beauty with the help of stylish eyelashes. With the increasing popularity, we have diversified our collection of eyelashes too, so that we can meet the need of every woman coming to us”.

Ashley claims to fulfill the need of every woman, whether one is working, housewife, business woman or a celebrity. So, if you too are attracted towards this latest beauty trend of Eyelash Extensions, you can check the services that Splash Lash Studio offers to their customers by visiting their website http://splashlashstudio.com.

About Splash Lash Studio

Splash Lash Studio is an eyelash extension studio based in Houston and owned by Ashley Dixon. The studio offers a great range of eyelash extension designs and styles that can suit the modern lifestyle needs of every woman coming to them. They offer high quality lash extension services at affordable prices.

For Media Contact –
Contact Person: Ashley Dixon
Telephone: 281.616.7761
Email: info@splashlashstudio.com
Websites: http://splashlashstudio.com

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