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Global Confessions: New program provides proven solutions

New York City (USA), Berne (Switzerland) – March 12th, 2013

Global Confessions is an innovative program developed by Andreas Dudàs, a Swiss entrepreneur and renowned expert for authentic and global leadership. His proven solutions empower companies to maximize value and master challenges in a global environment. The program release reveals solutions from the 6 most relevant competency areas blended with a proven consciousness of leadership; skills that are essential for any manager, project leader or entrepreneur.

In an environment of disconcerting statistics, where 77% of all employees do not trust their managers, more than 50% of all international projects fail and 37 % of all international managers do not reach their goals, Global Confessions is an integral development program offering the perfect solution for the busy manager. In order to master challenges in a global environment they have developed a set of video based modules combined with online workshops, individual coaching and in-house workshops, which teach in a highly effective and efficient way to attain tangible results in a complex business environment.

Andreas Dudàs, founder of Global Confessions, is a Swiss entrepreneur and expert for authentic & global leadership. For over two decades he has held top executive positions in over 25 countries spanning various industries, managing multi-billion dollar projects and and restructuring difficult and failing ventures in emerging markets.

With this new program, he offers lessons and success principles from the perspective of an entrepreneur and expert, who has been breathing and living authentic and global leadership under highly demanding conditions. “Global Confessions is the blueprint for maximizing share value through shared value!” says Andreas.

Easy access through various learning forms including online, mobile, audio and video, save the consumer a considerable amount of time and cost. They teach the core essence of what it takes to power global success in the most effective and efficient way.

Some of the highlights in the Global Confessions program are:

• How to manage complex & international projects on time and within budget and simultaneously cut costs by up to 10%
• How to successfully enter into new emerging markets, even if there is a lack of profound experience, market knowledge or management support
• How to turn employees into intra-preneurs to increase overall productivity
• How to stand out as an authentic leader, earning the highest degree of credibility and trust while making a real difference on a global scale
• How to build a collaborative platform for creating shared value to gain an unbeatable advantage in the 21st century

Empowerment also means continuous mentoring. Coaching through live workshops is an integral part of Global Confessions and takes place on a regular basis. Furthermore, participants gain access to a powerful management toolkit and become members of a community of global leaders.

Global Confessions is being published by Stuber Publishing, New York. More details are available at http://www.globalconfessions.com.

About Andreas Dudas

Born in 1964 in Switzerland Andreas Dudàs has emerged as a leading expert on authentic and global leadership following an accomplished corporate career in numerous varied industries. With various master’s degrees in leadership, engineering and global supply chain management from the ETH in Zurich – Albert Einstein’s alma mater – the Norwegian School of Management and the Cranfield School of Management, Dudàs gained global credibility with CEOs, managers, and employees for his intuitive ability to generate tangible results and empower people.

He has held senior management positions at various multinational companies and gained recognition in Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America for turning around troubled billion-dollar infrastructure projects, restructuring doomed ventures in emerging markets, and settling intractable conflicts in seemingly hopeless situations.

In 2010 Dudàs decided to merge his corporate experience with his personal principles for living ethically and authentically, and founded BE SHiRO, a cluster of innovative companies headquartered in Switzerland and India, dedicated to empowering established and emerging leaders to reach Greatness through Authenticity while promoting sustainability through the development of renewable energy.

He is the best-selling author of the book “DARE – Attaining greatness through authenticity”, a tale of leadership, self-help, and spiritual wisdom in a compelling narrative.

Contact Information:
BE SHiRO Excellence GmbH
Andreas Dudas, CEO
Phone: +41 79 309 0123

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