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Explorite Present Pioneering as the First Boston University Students Marketplace

March 2013 - Explorite, a new online service helps students buy trade and sell books and materials needed for college is now available for Boston University. Explorite essentially takes the student marketplace and places it on the web. Today, students from selected universities can enjoy a number of advantages thanks to Explorite.

Explorite is designed to expand the Boston University students marketplace by allowing students to buy, sell or trade items with students from other colleges and universities. Explorite was launched in October, 2012 at Salem State University in Massachusetts. The brainchild of Adi Pellumbi, a computer science alumni student at Salem State, this service essentially put online a number of services colleges and universities offered. Also, Explorite augmented the college marketplace as well. From selling old books, school supplies and even clothing, Explorite acts as a giant marketplace for college students. And advantage of Explorite over the standard means of communication at the university which use to consist of bulletin board postings or visiting the school website. While such places are popular, they will miss a great number of students. Explorite puts everything onto a single website that attracts students with an interest in buying or selling college related items.

Explorite has now expanded to benefit the Boston University students marketplace. There are no fees that Explorite charges for its services. A student who does have a book or other item to sell posts it on Explorite where it will remain for 15 days. If another student is interested, an agreement is made to the price, postage or shipping of the item. In some cases depending on the location, the item can be exchanged in person. While Explorite does not handle the exchange itself, it does facilitate the communication. Explorite helps the Boston University student marketplace by offering more options for students who are having difficulty selling their old items or finding a good price to purchase new ones.

Today, the Boston University student’s marketplace has expanded the options for students to actually earn cash while selling their old items. While backpacks, writing supplies and organizers might be the most obvious, out of print books now have a marketplace as well. Even some outdated material can be used as study references. Even things of little value can fetch a small amount of money on the Explorite website. For Boston University students, Explorite represents a wealth of opportunities in terms of books, clothing, accessories and other college related items that can be purchased and sold. This means that the expansion of the Boston University students marketplace includes thousands of students from other universities. The list of universities being included is growing and with each college or university that joins, more opportunities are being represented for the purchase or sale of items.

The Boston University student marketplace has now been expanded through Explorite. For more information about Explorite you can visit their website. It is free to join and any college student can take advantage of their services.

For Media Contaact:
Company: Explorite LLC
Contact Person: Ted Bryant
Address: 60 Pleasant St,
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110
Phone: 774-234-7472
Email: contact@explorite.com
Website: www.explorite.com

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