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New Students Marketplace Provided by Explorite.com its now available at Boston University in Massachusetts

March 12, 2013 - Explorite is a new website that offers online services to expand the marketplace at Boston University. Offering a platform for students to both communicate with each other and find the things they need, Explorite offers a number of needed services for college and university students.

Founded by Adi Pellumbi, computer science alumni from Salem State University in Massachusetts, Explorite was devised to be a platform for students that expanded the traditional services found on university campuses into an online format. The services are free and only require a quick sign-up for students to be included. Ranging from buying and selling books, finding roommates and apartments and even car pooling, Explorite was built with the idea of allowing college students to find what they needed. As a marketplace at Boston University, the first advantage that Explorite offers is the expanded platform of including students from other colleges and universities. This means that finding what students need becomes easier.

As a marketplace at Boston University Explorite offers students a means to buy or sell textbooks from those at other locations. If a student wishes to sell or even trade textbooks, then can announce their intentions on Explorite. Another student who needs a particular textbook can then contact the seller and make an offer or accept the one that is being offered. Explorite does not perform the transaction for them. It is up to the buyer and seller to work out their agreement on how payment is made or how the trade will work. Plus, they can work out the shipping cost or actually meet in person to handle the transaction. Explorite represents an expansion of the marketplace at Boston University since students at other colleges and universities are included. A student can sell their textbooks or trade them for other textbooks while saving money.

Another aspect of Explorite that augments the marketplace at Boston University is that the buying and selling of items goes beyond books. School supplies such as backpacks, writing materials, organizers are also sold on Explorite. Also, apartment furniture and other needs of students can be put on Explorite for sale. As long as students follow the guidelines, Explorite offers a basic platform that allows for sales to be made. These services allows students, especially those who do not know many people, to expand their buying or selling options beyond the marketplace at Boston University. By accessing thousands of additional students through Explorite, this increases the likelihood of their items being purchased or sold. In addition to the marketplace, Explorite also offers a number of different platforms as well for students who are trying to find apartments, roommates, jobs on campus or even those willing to car pool. Each of these services is places where students at Boston University and other colleges included on Explorite can meet their needs and save money.

For those interested in learning more about Explorite, they can click on this website. There is no fee and the registration process is very simple and straightforward.

For Media Contaact:
Company: Explorite LLC
Contact Person: Ted Bryant
Address: 60 Pleasant St,
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110
Phone: 774-234-7472
Email: contact@explorite.com
Website: www.explorite.com

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