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Room Improvements Now Sells Levv Products Including Dining Room Furniture

March 13, 2013 – An online retailer of modern home and office furniture, Room Improvements now sells high-quality dining room furniture and more from the Levv product range. These include glass tables, TV stands, TV wall mounts, and shelves. All are available at discounted prices which cannot be matched by street stores or other quality online retailers.

Coffee tables, drawer units, and more are available through Room Improvements. All high-quality and affordable products from the Levv range are available for free delivery. Shipments can arrive at the customer’s door within two to three working days.

Levv, a trademark of Lanway Trading Limited, specializes in convenient storage systems made of gloss or wood, and numerous LED, LCD, and Plasma TV wall brackets. Modern furniture features a European style and is designed to high quality standards while being affordable. Over 80 different products are available.

Launched in 2007, Levv produces attractive home furniture that is precision engineered. Everything is built to have the highest level of detail, with a design and construction standing out in the furniture market. It also designs its packaging to stand out on the shelves and to survive the conditions of international shipping. Outside and in, Levv pays close attention to quality at levels usually associated with higher priced products.

Levv kitchen tables, shelving, dining room furniture, and TV stand are now available from Room Improvements. To learn more, view special offers, and purchase items online, visit the company’s website at http://roomimprovements.co.uk.

About Room Improvements

Room Improvements sells contemporary urban design furniture on the Web. It offers one of the largest collections of furniture online for the home or office, including tables, shelves, chairs, and TV stands. An online store makes purchasing easy 24/7, so customers can take advantage of high quality products at discount prices.

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