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Why Jack Enrile has what it takes to be a Philippine Senator

March 2013 - In recent interviews, Jack Enrile has told the story of how, in the beginning, he was never remotely interested in politics, even though he was part of one of the most respected families in Philippine politics, not to mention being the only son of the current Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile Sr. But now Jack is one of the more popular senatorial candidates in this year’s general elections, which is very surprising for a man who before never wanted to set foot in the political arena. However, it could be argued that politics is not the main reason why Jack is so popular. It can be said that his personal advocacies are the primary motivation behind his entrance into Philippine political life. This is what supposedly led him to run and eventually be elected as the congressman of the First District of the Province of Cagayan --- a position he served from the years 1998-2001, 2001-2004, 2004-2007, and 2010-2013. And it could be the same story with his campaign to become part of the Philippines senate this upcoming June. So the question needs to be asked: for a man who has never been interested in politics in the first place --- but has recently embraced it --- does Jack really have what it takes to become a Philippine senator?

To answer this question, one only needs to look at the bills authored and co-authored by Jack Enrile to see that this man is fully interested in serving the people of the Philippines. Jack was primarily instrumental in the creation and championing of the “Food Requirement Plan for Filipinos” --- a bill that sought to help remedy the problem of hunger in this country by allowing the Department of Agriculture to equally distribute the majority of the nation’s food supply to the homes of millions of Filipinos, instead of exporting the food supply to other Asian or Western markets. Jack also authored the “Batas Kasambahay” bill, also known as the “Magna Carta for Household Helpers”. This bill promised improved wages, welfare and working conditions for the thousands of household helpers working all around the country. From these two bills, it is obvious that Jack’s personal advocacy, which is synonymous with his platforms and agendas, is to find solutions to the everyday problems facing the majority of working class Filipinos. No wonder so many voters are putting their faith in Jack, making him one of the top candidates for the senatorial elections.

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