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Green Energy Pumping Up Corporate Electric Rates

Rochdale, UK – March 14, 2013 – Business has seen electricity rates increase at a record rate over the last decade. Since 2003 the charges for electricity in the United Kingdom for Corporate clients has climbed an alarming 28% to pay for green energy. This according to Business Electricity Prices, a new online portal designed to help businesses by comparing electric costs across the leading electric providers in the country.

“Green energy is all well and good, it does come at a monetary cost, and one we as a society have deemed necessary to pay,” says a company spokesperson, “However, our own system which compares the business commercial tariffs across a number of the leading suppliers shows a large gap between the one with the highest corporate prices, and the supplier with the lowest prices.”

The Business Electricity Prices online platform allows you to input all of your current details and prices in order to compare business energy rates, to what you would be spending if you work through their system. The company then uses the information to find you a better deal on your energy consumption, so that your business will end up paying a lower rate. The comparisons include British Gas, Atlantic Electric, Countrywide, and Equi Power to name a few. Today’s cheapest rates via the system were 2.74 p / Kwh for Gas and 9.01 p / Kwh for electricity.

“The whole idea behind our system was to put power back in the hands of businesses, and empower them to choose energy suppliers with rates which best fit their budget in these difficult economic times,” says the spokesperson, “With December’s contraction in economic growth companies will be looking to cut, we already see an increase in demand for our services. In fact our phones have not stopped ringing this week.”

Business Electricity Prices is a new online platform, which allows comparison of rates and transmission tariffs between suppliers of electricity and gas in the United Kingdom. The company’s mission is to give companies “The Power to make a difference.” BEP’s system empowers business commercial electrical clients in the UK to see the fluctuation in the price of electricity and gas in real time.

For more information, please contact: http://www.businesselectricityprices.co.uk

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