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Latest Review on the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set by BestKnifeSet.org

Getting a set of best kitchen knives that last for a number of years is definitely every kitchen wish. Bestknifeset.org has released on its latest product review on the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set. This knives set was manufactured by Chicago Cutlery company, which is known for its best quality and variety of gourmet knives. This18-piece set in particular will bring cooks the distance with the selection of knives in addition to their quality design, thus this knife set can be the best investment for your kitchen.

The 18-piece cutlery set is a superb set of professional level kitchen knives and comes with a great assortment of kitchen knives, with impressive overall look and the feel of the knives is something to behold. The knife set is beautifully finished with comfortable poly handles which promote a great hold and excellent grip, and the excellent carbon rich stainless steel blades are simply the best in regard to cutting, slicing, or chopping, even on the toughest items.

The Chicago cutlery fusion 18-piece cutlery set offers almost everything users need in a set of good quality kitchen knives, superbly arranged in the block for easy access and safe storage. The set is consist of 8 inch slicer, 7.75 inch Chef knife, 7.75 inch Bread knife, 7 inch Santoku knife, 5 inch Partoku knife, 5 inch Utility knife, 8 x 4.25 inch Steak knives, 3.25 inch Parer, 3 inch Peeler, Sharpening Steel, and beautifully designed Bamboo storage block. The inclusion of the 8 steak knife is a great feature because it is an often neglected element of the basic knife knife set selection.

Cooking fish, vegetables, red meat, and white meat is made easier with this cutlery set. Also, this knife set is a perfect gift for someone else or even for newly married couple.

For a full review of this 18-piece cutlery set, visit http://bestknifeset.org, where you can find reviews for countless other products.

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