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Reviewrangefinder.com – A New Website with Real Customer Reviews about Golf Rangefinders

USA, March 2013 - Reviewrangefinder.com, a new website with real customer reviews about golf rangefinders that are available at this moment in the market. These website cater all the reviews of rangefinders given by golf players and enthusiasts.

Golf Rangefinders lets the user to look in a viewfinder to aim at a flagstick and other target, and get highly accurate distance detail to the target. Most devices will even change the distance reading based on the angle between the target and the user, the temperature and the altitude. Still there are many questions concerning the devices such as their use and how to get the most reliable one. The Reviewrangefinder.com offers customer these insights on golf rangefinders and how to select the best one.

Reviewrangefinder.com also provides information whether the golf rangefinder is legal. This will aid customers to determine which product are licensed and safe to use and products that are fake and low quality. Keep in mind that devices which adjust for slope or altitude or temperature cannot be utilized in a tournament or in a round which is posted to the handicap. However, they are very valuable practice tools to know how much the downhill or uphill between the target and user affects the distance a golf ball will travel.

The Reviewrangefinder.com customer review website will also show the advantages of laser rangefinders over golf GPS devices as well as the cons of using it. Golf rangefinders can offer highly accurate distances, and rapidly become a priceless device to their user. But how can customer select between various models and makes? Through customer reviews one can evaluate rangefinder based on different categories such as accuracy, ease of use, features, ease of getting readings, as well as the price or the value of the product. The new customer review website also comes with product ratings so as to help purchasers determine the most and best suggested product available.

Nice to read real customer reviews so I can make the right decision before I purchase my new rangefinder" by Peter Jansen.

The Reviewrangefinder.com will help customer who have a plan of purchasing golf rangefinder but lack of knowledge of what they should look for to a rangefinder through customer reviews. This website allows customers to post their experiences with particular devices. For further information please visit their website at http://reviewrangefinder.com

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