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No Margin No Mission

March 2013 The SBA estimates 11.8 million new jobs annually and of that 11.8 and estimated 66 percent will fail. So what does it take to make a startup business successful in today’s technology market? Information is the key here and lack of understanding this fact is crippling. Like any job you need the information to be successful, after all every craft has its own set of secrets. So whether you are the employee or the employer you need to seize opportunity when it shows its teeth. So where do we get these tightly held secrets and tidbits of information that are so crucial to success, Google! Using the internet, creating mentors, reading, shaking hands, and manifesting knowledge is the solution.

Overcoming the Fear!

Understanding the depth of the unknown and the black hole of failure is crucial to avoid defeat. So how do we move past the fear to succeed and arrive at nirvana. You will need to willingly immerse yourself into the kayos of day to day labors and the abyss of suffocating problems. You must be the subject matter explorer a search engine wizard. Check yourself by running a battery of tests to find your success. How do you control the uncontrollable by simply wielding knowledge and bringing it to bear. If you want to run a high octane business use Google to supplement you knowledge base and shake some hands! If the goal is avoiding financial straits and paralysis then don’t underestimate the power of relationships. Avoid the school of hard knocks by taking some time to learn about people and really listening to what they have to say. Engage in social media and technology as you friend not your foe. Try to compartmentalize tasks and find novel solutions to old ideas while delivering great customer service with sex appeal. Delight customers every day in every way and punctuate their experience with surprise. Try intoxicating their every request with cheeky solutions to mediocre problems, this makes for great theater! We are all capable of business success yet we just get hung up on the mundane at times, and lack the wherewithal to put in the enormous amount of time necessary to get it done. Getting accustomed to this unknown and unstable environment is what makes business so much fun. It is like a wild roller-coaster spinning out of control with huge rises in profit and the sometimes weary lows. This up and down cycle of business is normal and the chasm between success and failure.

Controlling the Margin.

Be a good bean counter! Profit and loss is controlled by putting a few dollars away when times are good and paying your employees and expenses on time when it is slow. This shift in the employee and employer paradigm will be tough sell for most but completely doable. You most likely will make some mistakes and your competitors may ostracize you for it but don’t get discouraged and seduced by others opinions, do your own version of what is right and you will have a visceral experience in business and life.

A mackerel of truth here! Don’t worry till it’s time to worry; progress doesn’t happen without breaking a few rules along the way. Don’t let analysis be the cause of your paralysis, just get out there and do it regardless of your shoestring budget or pandering from friends and family members. Where the rubber meets the road here is with action, after all do you really want to enter the slow malaise of helpless and hopeless. Fulfill all of your dreams and destiny’s by shifting priorities to parallel those of the great achievers in life. Be ambidextrous in your pursuit of happiness using your veins of knowledge “Google” and logical solutions. Be a rainmaker when it comes to acquiring what you want and be advantageous when father time presents itself. Don’t sleepwalk through life and join those clones in clown suites, after all what benefit does straight laced and low key hold anyways! Tease your brain to explore, invent, and create. Be dynamic fluid and changing then you will have reached spiritual ecstasy my friends.

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