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Leading Skin Whitening Creams and Soap Go for Eco-Friendly Bags

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; April 25, 2013: Popular skin whitening soap specialist http://kojicacidsoap.org/ , top provider of skin whitening creams and serum http://facewhiteningcream.net/ and fast rising authority on underarm skin care http://underarmwhiteningcream.com/ are now joining the run on saving Mother Earth by using recycled eco-friendly bags with think green logo as their official packaging for orders worldwide.

One of the biggest environmental issues nowadays is the overuse of plastic bags. The United States alone uses approximately 100 billion new plastic bags per year, meaning an average person goes through 350-500 bags. The sad fact is that according to the Wall Street Journal, only 1 % of plastic bags are recycled world-wide and the rest are left indefinitely in landfills (plastics are non-biodegradable). Aside from the toxins that it can produce, ingested plastic also cause birds and mammals to die.

Eco-friendly bags are reusable, durable and manufactured from materials that will not harm the natural environment. These are a cost-efficient way of preserving the environment and its resources.

Aside from believing on bringing the best and natural based products in the beauty industry, Kojic Acid Soap, Face Whitening Cream and Underarm Whitening Cream believes in supporting the advocacy in saving the environment. The use of eco-friendly bags is their way to contribute to the environment and to halt global warming by not using plastic bags.

Kojic Acid Soap offers one of the most popular skin whitening soaps, the Kojic Acid Soap. It is derived from Kojic Acid, a substance found on certain fungi and plant sources. Aside from its skin whitening effects, it can also decrease hyperpigmentation plus, it is also antibacterial and antifungal.

Face Whitening Cream presents the best skin whitening creams and serum in the market. It introduces Arbutin Cream (skin whitening cream with anti-aging properties) , Kojic Acid Cream ( skin lightener that inhibits the production of melanin ) , Niassential niacinamide cream ( skin whitening cream that get rids of inflammation caused by acne and reduces the appearance of acne scars and other dark spots) and NiaSerum ( skin whitening serum that also contains Niacinamide, the same active ingredient in Niassential but with a higher concentration.)

For more information on each websites individual products and promos, please visit http://kojicacidsoap.org/ , http://facewhiteningcream.net/ and http://underarmwhiteningcream.com/

About KojicAcidSoap.Org

KojicAcidSoap.Org brings in the popular skin whitening skin care through Kojic Acid Soap. It also introduces other Kojic acid based products like Kojic Cream, Kojic Glutathione Soap, Kojic lotion, and more. All Kojic products are derived from Kojic Acid which is obtained from fungi that was discovered in Japan. When combined with other substances and compounds, it can be used as a skin lightening agent. Achieve flawless skin with Kojic Acid Soap.

About FaceWhiteningCream.Net

FaceWhiteningCream.Net is the top provider of face lightening cream and serum selection. It is focused on skin whitening for the face, (can be used on other part of the body as well afflicted with hyperpigmentation) one of the most prone areas in the body that is exposed to sun damage. It introduces Professional Skin Care Formula Kojic Acid Cream, Arbutin Cream, Ironpower’s Niassential and Ironpower’s NiaSerum . Choose from this selection to match your skin whitening needs and reveal a lighter you..

About UnderarmWhiteningCream.Com

UnderarmWhiteningCream.Com is a fast rising authority when it comes to underarms skin care and whitening. It introduces Professional Skin Care Formula Underarm Whitening Cream with deodorant. This product gently whitens the skin and nourishes the underarm’s skin. In just two weeks, it is guaranteed that the armpits will become lighter. Dare to bare with Underarm Whitening Cream.

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