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Vices and Adulation Leads Metal Indie to Mainstream Music

2 May, 2013: Independent bands and singers have always been the “backstage boys” of the music industry. Well not anymore. Lucy-May and Fabian Upton have teamed up to form Vices and Adulation, a melodic metal indie rock band. Since their formation in January 2013, the band consistently gained fame and recognition. Other than launching a few websites such as vicesandadulation.com (their main website) they also used social media behemoth Facebook to promote themselves. She says on an interview that if recording artists cannot play on shows, fans need to show their support through internet downloads and publicity in social media. Their Facebook page Vices and Adulation already has 13,000 likes by the first week. By mid-April 2013, their Facebook page already has a staggering 368,000 likes. Surely, this band is something to watch out for.

Lucy-May Upton is the lead vocals of Vices and Adulation. Coming from the West Midlands, Lucy-May is also a published poet and a self-trained talented artist. According to a recent interview, she wants to lend a hand at bringing enjoyment to as many people as possible through music, the same way it positively affected her life. The bands Facebook page is also full of Lucy-May’s picture ranging from simple close-ups to sensual and sexy photo shoots.

Fabian Upton comes from Devon and is the guitarist and musician of Vices and Adulation. An untrained musician, he can play the guitar or bass by ear and by identifying patterns. Fabian’s guitar enthusiasm really shows. On an interview, he said he wants to win the GuitarWar titles simultaneously. He’s also currently the eighth finger tapping titleholder. When asked what does he want to achieve as a recording artist, he just says that he do what he does because it’s fun.

Vices and Adulation has a lot of influences such as Queen, Evanescence, Guns n Roses, and a lot of GuitarWar guitarist. Certainly these icons contributed to “Dragon Princess”, the band’s first vocal release. Just released in March 2013, “Dragon Princess” already received a lot of positive reviews. According to vicesandadulations.com they will be releasing new singles every month.

Vices and Adulation, with their sexy and catchy songs undoubtedly took metal indie rock to the mainstream.

For Media Contact:
Company: Vices and Adulation
Address: 28 portal place,
Alnwick, Northumberland. Ne663jn
Email: adgemts(at)gmail.com
Website: http://www.vicesandadulation.com

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