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Top Placenta Creams Provider Goes “Green” by Switching to Eco-Friendly Bags

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; May 4, 2013: Joining the advocacy of helping to save the environment, Cai Mei Placenta vendors http://sheepplacenta.org/ and http://placentacream.org/ are now using recycled eco-friendly bags with think green official logo as an alternative to using plastic as packaging for orders worldwide.

With the introduction of disposable plastic bags during the 80s, a huge number of plastics are being used all over the world without regards to the dangers it may pose to the environment. In fact, 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used and discarded annually.

The use of eco-friendly bags are encouraged due to their beneficial effect on greenhouse gas emission and fossil fuels usage.

To join the campaign of awareness for the environment, top vendors of Cai Mei Placenta Creams --Sheep Placenta and Placenta Cream are committing to use eco-friendly bags for each purchase from their companies. The eco-bags used are not only reusable and durable but are an excellent choice in helping the environment.

Compared to plastic bags or polythene bags that takes 20-1000 years to disintegrate, these types of packaging are biodegradable and completely environmental friendly. Eco- friendly bags also does not contaminate the soil and water that could affect other creatures.

In addition to using eco-friendly bags, for every purchase of two Cai Mei Placenta Creams there will be one free cream, for every purchase of three creams, buyers will get an additional two free items and for four creams you get three free creams. The more you buy the more freebies you get in this limited time special offer.

Cai Mei Placenta Creams are made from sheep’s placenta. According to studies, placenta has many healing and rejuvenating capabilities. It also contains valuable nutrients that can extend its use to skin care. As used in skin creams, placenta has been referred to as a “miracle” cream as it can revitalize and make skin healthier. The sheep placenta cream also stimulates old human cells so that they can function more effectively.

Choose from Cai Mei Placenta Creams selection that will match your needs: Pink label for whitening, Blue label for moisturizing, Green label for anti-wrinkle and Orange label for whitening foundation.

For more information on Cai Mei Placenta Creams or to acquire the product, visit http://sheepplacenta.org/ and http://placentacream.org/ . Buy now for a beautiful skin and as a support to the go green campaign for the environment.

About SheepPlacenta.Org

SheepPlacenta.Org is one of the leading suppliers of the popular skin cream Cai Mei Sheep Placenta Cream. It offers different creams to match user’s needs like whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and whitening foundation.

About PlacentaCream.Org

PlacentaCream.Org is a popular avenue in acquiring one of the most effective and trusted brands in skin care beauty regimen creams, the Cai Mei Sheep Placenta Cream. The cream selection is comprised of skin whitening, anti skin aging, skin moisturizing and whitening foundation for blemish correction and cover ups.

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