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Kitchen Remodeling Greatly Improves Home Sale Value in San Diego | HK Construction

May 16, 2013: HK Construction is advising San Diego area homeowners, particularly those desiring to sell their homes, that they should first consider updating or remodeling outdated rooms. 

Keeping the home modern and stylish not only makes it more desirable to buyers, but 'sprucing up' will definitely increase the value," says the San Diego based HK Construction spokesperson Marc Gieselmann. 

Deciding on which room or area to remodel or upgrade, is often a deciding factor that not many homeowners can readily agree upon. But according to the home remodeling professionals at HK Construction, the kitchen is usually the best area to focus on. 

According to the HK Construction source, the kitchen is more than just a space to prepare meals. "It is a place where family and friends share conversation and spend time together. Kitchens are frequently found to be out-of-date as it relates to space utilization, style and appliances," adds the source, who also believes older homes tend to have a kitchen that is closed off from the rest of the living space. 

Opening the kitchen to other rooms along with increasing natural lighting of the house, the HK Construction people believe this gives more space to the area, which is definitely a bonus to a potential buyer. Even though the designing of a kitchen with traffic flow and functionality in mind are also important, they are claiming, the installation of an island, bar or a second sink could realistically increase user satisfaction and boost the sale price of your home. 

The expansion of the kitchen area is also important, especially for avid cooks. Why? The HK Construction kitchen remodeling expert says storage space for all of their pots, pans and other utensils is always welcome in older kitchens. 

"Adding more cabinets and perhaps pantry space or perhaps a pot rack are popular storage space improvements," claims Gieselmann, which further points out that the replacement of outdated cabinets, with beautiful hardwood, can significantly increase the value of the home. 

He also believes that having new granite or other composite countertops installed will give the feeling of not just newness, but freshness; while complimentary new flooring will complete the new look and add maximum value. 

Getting rid of old appliances, not only give the feeling of newness, but gives it greater utility which leads to saving time when preparing meals. Therefore, anything that will negatively impact a buyer's decision should be removed, especially appliances should be summarily replaced with newer, more energy efficient and time saving models. 

According to HK Construction in order to get the most enjoyment from one's home, and also getting the most money if ready to sell, having the kitchen remodeled make financially good sense. 

For more information call Marc Gieselmann of HK Construction, the kitchen remodeling specialists at 858-748-6580 or visit them online at http://hkremodel.com 

See a video testimonial kitchen remodeling review of HK Construction here: http://youtu.be/iB_jM1YDyzc

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