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Fitness Enthusiasts Choose Sole F80

21 May, 2013: Sole F80 is now the leading home treadmill. Sole F80 one of the most preferred among all Sole Treadmills. It has Sole Cushion Flex, Whisper Decks and unparalleled durability. The function of a gym can now be obtained in the comfort of one’s home, whether for someone just starting to be fit or already an enthusiast. 

According to a general Sole F80 review done by its users, they liked Sole F80 because of its space saving size, user-friendly control panel, comprehensive display screen, comfort, capability to play music, wide work out options, safety stop lever, durability, power, shock absorption, support handles and incredibly quiet. Those are the popularly enjoyed features of Sole F80. 

But a Sole F80 review states a number of downsides for this product too. It said that the built-in cooling fans were not so useful, assembling the treadmill was complicated, there were no dust covers and operating the treadmill is somehow overwhelming because of its advance features. 

The equipment has a 22”x60” 2-ply belt, cup holders, accessory tray, two heart rate monitors, and a speed range that starts from 0.5-12 miles per hour. Sole Treadmills just got better with these Sole F80 specifications. Aside from excellent features, Sole F80 is covered by a 5 year warranty. This attests to the durability of this brand. 

Fitness enthusiasts nowadays do not want to settle for cheap treadmills yet with low durability. Regular priced Sole F80 is worth $2,500. But when it is purchased online at http://soletreadmills.com , there is a 40% off the regular price. 

One of the buyers from Amazon commented about Sole F80, stating “This treadmill was very easy to put together and it even comes with a video that shows you how to assemble it. It is easy to use, very quiet, and extremely comfortable.”

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