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Apache Lets Patients Walk on a Cloud

May 21, 2013: Apache Foot and Ankle Specialists clinic is now open for new patients and same day appointments. They are located at S. Fort Apache Rd. Ste 180 Las Vegas, Nevada. They offer a one-stop care for all their patient’s foot and ankle concerns. 

With their state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Apache Foot and Ankle Specialists can diagnose and treat ailments such as bent toes, foot bunion, heel injury, and a whole lot more. Even patients suffering from diabetes can come to them for consultation for they also offer diabetic wound care. Those were just some of Apache Foot and Ankle Specialists services. The wide range of their facilities can be seen in their website, which is www.apachefoot.com . 

Their specialization goes beyond bent toes, foot bunion, heel injury and calluses because Apache can provide not just the most complex surgeries and conservative medical care but an accommodating clinic ambiance. It is important for them to have a good relationship with their patients. They even teamed up with Aetrex shoes so as to offer patients a long-term care. 

The person behind Apache Foot and Ankle, Dr. Lee Wittenberg, is also the reason why people should give Apache a try. He is a surgically trained podiatrist and has extensive practice in almost all the foot complications. Patients give good feedbacks not just with the clinic itself but with Dr. Wittenberg or colloquially termed as “Dr. W”. A great addition to Apache’s roster of podiatrists is Dr. Eunah Hong. Like Dr. W, she is well-respected in this field. 

Despite of their advance technology means of treating, it is still affordable to avail of their medical services. Almost all insurances are accepted in this clinic and they even give reasonable prices to those who do not have insurances. This sense of service just attests how they value customer satisfaction than just mere profit.

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