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Histone Code Peptide ELISA for PTM Antibody Screening

May 24, 2013: JPT provides a state of art off the shelf Histone Code Peptide ELISA. These peptides are manufactured with a PTMs or post translational modifications in various combinations, purified through HPLC and coated onto ELISA plates through Strep/Biotin.

Because Histone are a main topic of epigenetics, JPT’s computational scientists compiled an exceptional library of synthetic post translationally modified and unmodified human histone peptides which is now accessible as Histone Peptide ELISA for the very first time. The Peptide ELISA shows 94 20mer peptides from H2A, H2B, H3 as well as H4. It displays post translational modifications at reported sites such as acetylation, methylation, phosphorylation, citrullination in different combinations.

JPT’s Histone Code Peptide ELISA offers a lot of advantages such as: guaranteed purity for every peptide, easy and ready to use with standard ELISA equipment and protocol. Analysis and incubation service available.

In addition these peptides are also available and immobilized on Histone Code Peptide Microarrays or, as individual Histone Code Peptides. Histone Code Peptide ELISA is aimed at quick screening of histone-modifying enzymes or PTM specific antibodies.

About JPT

JPT Peptide Technologies is a certified by DIN ISO 9001:2008 as well as GCLP compliant provider of peptide based services and products such as peptide arrays, custom peptides, easy to use kits as well as profiling assays. Moreover, JPT applies its synthesis and assay expertise in collaborative research and development projects. The company’s proprietary peptide synthesis for proteotypic peptides, custom peptides, Spot peptides , histone peptides and many more, peptide library as well as peptide pool production and peptide collection technologies makes them a primary provider and one stop source for a wide sort of applications on study and clinical trials like:

• Seromarker discovery and validation
• immune monitoring
• Peptide lead identification and optimization
• Biomarker quantification through targeted proteomics
• Enzyme substrate identification and sensitivity profiling
• Vaccine target discovery

For more information about JPT’s Histone Code Peptide ELISA, please feel free to visit their website at: http://www.jpt.com.

For Media Contact:
Company: JPT Peptide Technologies
Address: Berlin, Germany
Website: http://www.jpt.com

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