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Social Media Can Help You Land Your Dream Home

May 27, 2013: All players in the real estate market - home buyers, sellers and agents are increasingly using social media to take informed decisions. 

Buyers can view pictures and videos of potential homes posted on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest by sellers looking to gain maximum publicity for their properties. 

According to Brad Officer, a Jacksonville, Fla. realtor, both buyers and sellers are making more inquiries as they want to ensure that the agent is thorough professional who is devoted to this business. Even after a referral, potential clients employ different other methods such as Google search, online reviews, viewing the agent’s website and Facebook page, etc., to satisfy themselves about the suitability of the agent. 

Officer recommends agents to provide informative posts, with professional content on the different social media including Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. This will keep the agents current and let people know that they are still in business. 

While many sellers and buyers are regularly online, a surprisingly low 56% of realtors are online and only 12% have their own blog. 

Young, computer savvy and modern buyers are hardly satisfied with an online listing with a few images and a video. They increasingly demand more information through multiple videos on a YouTube channel or a Facebook page dedicated to the particular home. 

Agents must familiarize themselves with social media before they embark on any promotion on this platform. Where the photographs and videos provided are not of a good quality, the home itself will look cheap resulting in negative publicity for both the agent and the home. 

Marilyn Urso who owns Long Island Village Realty, Syosset, N.Y., recognizes the need to have a strong presence on social media and states that buyers want to see comprehensive images, floor plans and videos before going on to visit the property. They also look for tweets from realtors, mortgage rates, advice on owning a home and the costs involved. 

Urso also realizes that matter posted on social media by the agents can help buyers make an informed decision. She herself posts not only pictures of the homes for sale but also of kitchen and bathroom designs, latest in flooring and new paint colors which helps her gauge the client's preferences and identify homes matching their desires. 

Once buyers find an appropriate property online, they shouldn't delay in contacting their agents. Many buyers have found to their dismay that the property they spent so much time researching, is already under contract. 

While doing some amount of online search and inquiry is justified, the buyer will do well to move out and visit the homes for sale. 

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